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Self Storage Legislation

Big Changes Are Coming to Self Storage Legislation

Big Changes Are Coming to Self Storage Legislation Most self storage industry operators know that the Self Storage Association (SSA) and their state associations have been lobbying legislatures for years to improve self storage legislation enforcement processes. Most states now allow email communication instead of certified mail, and many states

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Why Do Storage Auction Accounts Get Suspended?

Why Do Storage Auction Accounts Get Suspended? Whether you’re a seasoned pro bidder or just starting out in the storage auction scene, our education series covers commonly asked questions and valuable tips to get you bidding and winning with success! Here are some common reasons why an account on StorageTreasures

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Storage Auctions in Indiana are full of unexpected treasures.

Outlook for Storage Auctions in Indiana

Indiana: A Hotspot for Storage Auctions Indiana, known for its rich history and vibrant communities, is also home to a bustling storage auction scene. In 2022 alone, the state witnessed a staggering 14,365 storage auctions in Indiana, offering ample opportunities for treasure hunters and bargain enthusiasts alike. Unearthing Impressive Statistics

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Are self storage auctions profitable?

Are Self Storage Auctions Profitable?

Are Self Storage Auctions Profitable? Self storage auctions have become increasingly popular in recent years. Mostly in part to the reality TV show “Storage Wars.” These type of auctions occur when the contents of a storage unit are put up for sale on StorageTreasures.com to the highest bidder. But are

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Tips to Buying Storage Auctions on StorageTreasures.com

Tips for Buying Storage Units

Tips for Buying Storage Units Most people have seen the A&E TV series “Storage Wars”. The reality show is about a group of people who buy storage units. The content of the storage unit goes to the highest bidder, who then resells the items and makes a nice profit. Buying

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Local Storage Auctions

Why Do Local Storage Auctions Get Canceled

You have probably seen storage units dramatically auctioned away on Storage Wars on TV. Real life isn’t so dramatic, but it is true that most self storage facilities have online or in person local storage auctions throughout the year. It is part of the business. Also, part of the business

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StorageTreasures Fees

StorageTreasures Fees

The storage auction solutions team at StorageTreasures gets many questions about how our storage auction fees work. We know it can be a little complicated, so we will break everything down for you so you can bid and win self storage auctions with confidence. Buyer Premium The Buyer Premium is

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Buying vehicles from storage locker auctions

Excluding Vehicles from Self Storage Auctions

The storage auction experts at StorageTreasures often get complaints about motor vehicles withheld from self storage auctions. We know you want to buy the car as it is right there in front of you in the abandoned storage unit. Did you know that it is illegal for a storage facility

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Best Selling Online Storage Auction Units of 2021

Last year, across the country, we sold 293,150 online storage auction units on StorageTreasures.com. These auctions’ contents ranged from art to collectibles, tools, and some unexpected surprises and mystery items. We rounded up the top 10 units sold in 2021 for our readers. These units were all in the top

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Cree una cuenta en www.StorageTreasures.com

¿Tiene curiosidad por ofertar en subastas de almacenamiento en línea? Mire este video para aprender cómo crear una cuenta. ¡Esperamos más recursos para licitadores de habla hispana pronto! Para registrarse para obtener una cuenta, vaya a https://www.storagetreasures.com/register. Para encontrar más recursos útiles, visite nuestro Centro de ayuda. Busque nuevos y

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laws for resale business

Laws to Consider for Your Resale Business

It seems so many people are getting into the resale business these days. The COVID pandemic spurred the growth of the reseller industry on both sides. Newly unemployed people got involved to provide an alternative source of income for their families and people also started shopping from home more because

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Valuable board games

Valuable Vintage Board Games – Part 2

In July, we shared tips to help you spot valuable vintage board games in your online auction search on StorageTreasures.com. You can find that article here. This month, we will share some examples of popular board games that should fetch you a high price on the resale market these days.

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starting a resale business

Starting a Resale Business

The resale market in the United States has snowballed in recent years. Reselling is when you source a product second-hand to resell for a profit. ThredUp, a popular website to resell clothing items, reports the resale market, now valued at around $28 billion, will grow to $64 billion by 2025.

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Charles Darrow Monopoly

Valuable Vintage Board Games: Part 1

Valuable Vintage Board Games – Part 1 Those of us in the storage auction business see board games in storage lockers all the time. They seem to be a staple of abandoned units, just like artificial Christmas trees. Unlike artificial Christmas trees, vintage board games can be precious and highly

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StorageTreasures canceled storage auction email

Canceled Storage Auctions: 4 Most Common Reasons

Bidding on storage units is fun and exciting, but you might notice many canceled storage auctions as you get started. Canceled storage auctions are frustrating for buyers (it is the number one complaint we hear from bidders.) Many bidders think storage operators cancel units because the top bid did not

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Etsy for reselling items

Is Reselling on Etsy Good for Storage Auctions?

There are many places for reselling items found in a storage unit in today’s digital marketplace. From eBay to Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up and so, so many more, your resale options are endless. However, some platforms may prove a better place to sell your storage auction finds. Etsy describes itself

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moving after online storage auction

Winning an Auction: What Happens Next?

Buying a unit at a storage auction is more complicated than it might seem. Television shows make it look so easy – find an auction, outbid the competition, discover epic treasure! However, storage auctions are just like any other business in the world; there are rules. Familiarize yourself with these

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