Best Selling Online Storage Auction Units of 2021

Last year, across the country, we sold 293,150 online storage auction units on These auctions’ contents ranged from art to collectibles, tools, and some unexpected surprises and mystery items. We rounded up the top 10 units sold in 2021 for our readers. These units were all in the top 20 list of the highest bids, almost all closing at over $20,000! With 1,773 total bids, 15,324 total views, and nearly $280,000 in bids, these are the StorageTreasures best online auctions of 2021.

10. Tools & Farm Equipment – Sale Price $16,520

Tools & Farm EquipmentThe first item of value that stuck out in this unit was a Remington Gun Safe, but tools are also in view. This unit, a mostly full 10×20, looks full of typical, everyday tools. Upfront, you see a tall ladder, 5-gallon buckets, industrial-grade totes, and piping materials. Then we see a strange-looking piece of machinery called a Munch Machine. A Munch Machine is a piece of harvesting equipment used to harvest hemp. The new version of the machine in the unit, the Mother Brucker, retails at $21,900. In addition to the other tools in this unit, the bidder got a steal at $16,520.

9. Golf Carts & Heavy Equipment – Sale Price $20,260

Golf Carts & Heavy EquipmentWhile the contents are technically considered tools, most of the unit consists of golf carts and parts. There is also a trailer holding two large smokers. The most valuable part of this online storage auction unit is the Ditch Witch for landscaping, plumbing, and underground construction tasks. The used model of the machine in this unit sold at auction in 2021 for $15,600. With the variety of valuable items in this unit, the high price is a no-brainer.

8. Tool Shop – Sale Price $21,040

Tool ShopThis unit includes mostly new tools, many are still in the package, from Snap-on Tools. Snap-on Tools are high-end tools used in the automotive, marine, aviation, and railroad industries. Snap-on makes every type of tool you can imagine, from screwdrivers to heavy equipment to toolboxes. This unit is a dream come true for a bidder who likes to buy tools. Pro tip, don’t forget to use our tools and supplies category search to see what treasures you can find in your local areas.

7. Mystery Unit – Sale Price $21,010

Mystery UnitIt is surprising to find this unit on the bestseller list. There is nothing that sticks out. This unit looks dirty and old. The only items in the unit that stand out are a small box of collectibles and a box of old PC games. One unique thing about this full 10×20 is the unit looks like nobody has entered it in 10-20 years, and the overall appearance of this unit is that everything is old. Bidders love units with old stuff, and experienced bidders always seem to see things in units that the StorageTreasures team cannot see. If you won this unit or can solve this mystery for us, please reach out.

6. Aesthetician’s Office – Sale Price $23,550

Aesthetician’s OfficeThere is excitement around every corner in this unit. The first thing you see is taxidermized deer. It turns out there is a niche resale market for these. You can see boxes neatly stacked in the back, which is always a good sign. Then we see what looks like medical equipment, but upon further research, it seems like these items came from an Aesthetician’s office. There is a Hydro Facial machine. The brand of the device in this unit lists on eBay for $19,500. Next, we have an Autoclave sterilizer for tools and equipment. These retail for around $3,000. And finally, the coup de gras of the unit, two tall safes standing side-by-side.

5. Antiques – Sale Price $25,730

AntiquesIf you like vintage things, this unit is for you! This unit is a 10×20 filled with what appears to be antique furniture and décor items. There are several antique bicycles, the kind with gigantic wheels. There seem to be parts for more of these bicycles in the unit. There is furniture stacked in the back that appears to be very old. We also see boxes stacked throughout the unit. Who knows what treasures those contain.

4. Art – Sale Price $27,010

ArtArt is ever-present on our list of best units, but it is even better when the unit is a POD and likely undisturbed. There are hundreds of paintings in this 8×16 unit. Most of them are boxed up and placed neatly in storage racks. The unfortunate thing about this unit is there are only two pictures, and they get blurry as you enlarge them. It would have been hard to identify some of the pieces without a trained eye. However, the sheer quantity and care taken with these items demonstrate the value of this unit.

3. Sports Memorabilia – Sale Price – $28,010

Sports MemorabiliaThis unit holds neatly stacked boxes and boxes and boxes of sports cards. There are other memorabilia as well, such as posters and home décor items. There are typical moving-sized boxes skillfully placed. You can even see the display units used to showcase the items in a store. The resale market for products like these is HOT! The winning bidder will make their money back and then some.

2. Comic Books & Other Collectibles – Sale Price $29,010

Comic Books & Other CollectiblesThis unit, listed as a Non-Lien Unit, must be an abandoned unit, meaning the owner signed it over to the facility in place of payment. There is no way a Manager Special unit would have these contents. The first thing we notice is the boxes that look designed for comic books. Then we have the model cars spread throughout. There is also a stack of what appears to be magazines still in their wrappers. Most importantly, the contents of this online storage auction unit look like they have been in storage for a while. It doesn’t feel like this stuff came from a memorabilia store. It feels like this was someone’s collection. Imagine the excitement of opening all those boxes!

1. 1962 Thunderbird Convertible – Sale Price $40,010

1962 ThunderbirdSeveral motor vehicles were on this year’s list of highest selling units, but this one is beautiful. It is cherry red, appears to have the original interior, and is clean under the hood except for dust. has listings for a similar car up to $70,000. This model offered a limited production option called the “Sports Roadster Package,” which covered the car’s backseats to look like a two-seater roadster. We can see inside the vehicle, and the speedometer reads 82,911 miles. The facility has the keys to the car, and it runs great. This unit is the best buy of 2021.

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