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StorageTreasures Spotlight State Michigan Storage Auctions in Michigan

Spotlight Location: Storage Auctions in Michigan

The state of Michigan has almost ten million residents and ranks tenth in overall population in the United States. Michigan has a growing economy with low unemployment and according to Bloomberg, is experiencing the best economic recovery in its history. The state is having a manufacturing boom with automobiles and semiconductors leading the way. One of the biggestemployers in

StorageTreasures Spotlight City Las Vegas Storage Auctions in Las Vegas

Spotlight Location: Storage Auctions in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as the most popular tourist destination in the world and the city has visitor statistics that can back that up. More than 42 million people visit Las Vegas each year. Of course, most visit “The Entertainment Capitol of The World” for gambling, shows, pool parties, nightlife, and similar things you might expect, but something you

StorageTreasures Fees

StorageTreasures Fees

The storage auction solutions team at StorageTreasures gets many questions about how our storage auction fees work. We know it can be a little complicated, so we will break everything down for you so you can bid and win self storage auctions with confidence. Buyer Premium The Buyer Premium is what you pay StorageTreasures to use our storage unit

Buying vehicles from storage locker auctions

Excluding Vehicles from Self Storage Auctions

The storage auction experts at StorageTreasures often get complaints about motor vehicles withheld from self storage auctions. We know you want to buy the car as it is right there in front of you in the abandoned storage unit. Did you know that it is illegal for a storage facility to sell items you cannot take “free and clear”?

Firearms Excluded from Self Storage Auctions

You might have noticed online storage auction unit listings on StorageTresaures that say “gun is not part of the sale” or “firearms excluded from the sale.” It is only natural to wonder why certain items are not for sale at storage unit auctions. After all, you have always heard that you must take the entire abandoned storage unit’s contents

Best Selling Online Storage Auction Units of 2021

Last year, across the country, we sold 293,150 online storage auction units on These auctions’ contents ranged from art to collectibles, tools, and some unexpected surprises and mystery items. We rounded up the top 10 units sold in 2021 for our readers. These units were all in the top 20 list of the highest bids, almost all closing

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