Why Do Storage Auction Accounts Get Suspended?

Why Do Storage Auction Accounts Get Suspended?

Whether you’re a seasoned pro bidder or just starting out in the storage auction scene, our education series covers commonly asked questions and valuable tips to get you bidding and winning with success!

Here are some common reasons why an account on StorageTreasures might be suspended:

1. Credit Card Decline (CCD)

If a bidder fails to pay StorageTreasures fees for a storage auction within 24 hours after the auction ends.

  • TIP: Always have enough funds on your card before the auction ends to avoid CCDs.

2. Clean-out issues (Cherry Picker)

This occurs when a bidder cherry-picks items they want from a storage unit and leaves unwanted items behind. 

  • Units must be fully vacated by the end of the clean out period. The cleaning deposit does not authorize items to be left behind. 

3. Fails to clean out unit (No Show)

If a bidder fails to clean out a unit within the specified time frame.

  • TIP: Call the facility immediately after you receive a paid invoice to schedule an appointment. You can also add an Authorized Pickup Person under Settings in your account if needed.

4. Inappropriate Behavior

Any form of aggressive, disruptive, or unprofessional behavior towards facility staff or StorageTreasures Customer Support is unacceptable. Additionally, creating multiple accounts, shill bidding, or attempts to defraud may result in account suspension.

Remember, there’s a 30 day waiting period to get your account unsuspended. Follow these tips to make sure you’re ready to bid!

We understand that things may happen, and we’re here to help. If you experience difficulty connecting with a facility or have questions regarding your account, please contact support@storagetreasures.com or visit our Help Center for more information.


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