Suspended Account While Bidding on a Storage Auction

Get help while bidding on a storage auction

Suspended Account While Bidding on a Storage Auction

Are you unable to bid on a StorageTreasures’ storage auction? Did you receive a message saying, “Your Account Has Been Suspended and Your Ability to Submit Bids Has Been Disabled”? Don’t worry, we are here to help! 

At StorageTreasures, we take our Terms of Use very seriously to ensure a fair and safe marketplace for all buyers and sellers. If we suspect any fraudulent or inappropriate behavior from a buyer, we may temporarily or permanently suspend their bidding privileges.  

Here are some common reasons why your account may have been suspended: 

Credit Card Decline (also known as a CCD)

When you win an auction on, you have 24 hours to pay the fees to StorageTreasures. If your credit card is declined, your bidding privileges will be suspended until you resolve the issue. You also cannot pick up your auction until fees have been paid. We understand that sometimes things happen, so if you need assistance resolving a CCD issue, please reach out to our Customer Support team at or 480-397-6503. 

Clean-out Issues (also known as ‘cherry picking’)

When you bid on an auction, you agree to purchase the entire unit as-is. Cherry picking,’ or removing select items and leaving unwanted items behind, is not allowed and will result in a suspension of your bidding privileges. 

Failing to Clean-out Storage Auction Unit (also known as ‘No Show’)

When you win an auction, you are responsible for cleaning out the entire unit within the allotted clean-out time. If you fail to do so, your account may be suspended. The cleaning deposit is to ensure the unit is cleaned out and will be refunded once the manager confirms everything was removed from the unit. Leaving the cleaning deposit in exchange for not cleaning out the unit is not acceptable. We encourage all buyers to carefully read the auction terms and conditions before bidding. 

Inappropriate Behavior

We have a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior towards Storage Facilities/Sellers, facility staff, or our Customer Support team. This includes creating multiple accounts, shill bidding, (intentionally fake bidding by a seller on his/her own auction to inflate the final price) or attempts to defraud StorageTreasures. If you engage in any such behavior, your account will be suspended, and you may be permanently banned from our online auction platform. 

Get Support from Our Team or Help Center

We understand that being unable to bid can be frustrating, but we have these rules in place to ensure a fair and transparent auction process for all buyers and sellers. If your account has been suspended, you can reach out to our Customer Support team to discuss the issue and work towards a resolution. However, please note that we cannot guarantee reinstatement of your bidding privileges if you have repeatedly violated our terms of use. Looking for more information? Check out our Help Center which is filled with lots of valuable bidding information. 

At StorageTreasures, we strive to provide a friendly and welcoming environment for all storage auction enthusiasts. We appreciate your cooperation in following our rules and maintaining the integrity of our platform. Now go hunt, bid, and win on the most trusted online storage auction platform.  


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