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California storage auctions lien laws

Lien Law Article: California Storage Auctions

Lien Law Article: California Storage Auctions (Legislative Changes Only) In October, California Governor Gavin Newsome signed Assembly Bill 542. The act will go into effect on January 1, 2024, reducing the number of newspaper advertisements required in the California storage auctions lien enforcement process. The changes do not entirely remove

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storage units for sale in indiana

Lien Laws for Storage Auctions in Indiana

Lien Laws for Storage Auctions in Indiana Lien laws can be confusing, vague and change often. Our experienced staff keeps a close pulse on activity to help you navigate your state lien enforcement requirements. Let’s take a look into Indiana Statutes (§§ 26-3-8-0.5-26-3-8-16), Self-Service Storage Facilities. The Indiana legislature recently

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Our top selling storage auctions in 2022

Top 5 Online Storage Auctions from 2022

Top 5 Storage Auctions from 2022 Online storage auctions have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing an exciting opportunity for treasure hunters to find valuable items at a fraction of the cost. In 2022, hosted over 800,000 storage auctions. Here are the top 5 online storage auctions from

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Buying vehicles from storage locker auctions

Excluding Vehicles from Self Storage Auctions

The storage auction experts at StorageTreasures often get complaints about motor vehicles withheld from self storage auctions. We know you want to buy the car as it is right there in front of you in the abandoned storage unit. Did you know that it is illegal for a storage facility

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Firearms Excluded from Self Storage Auctions

You might have noticed online storage auction unit listings on StorageTresaures that say “gun is not part of the sale” or “firearms excluded from the sale.” It is only natural to wonder why certain items are not for sale at storage unit auctions. After all, you have always heard that

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Best Selling Online Storage Auction Units of 2021

Last year, across the country, we sold 293,150 online storage auction units on These auctions’ contents ranged from art to collectibles, tools, and some unexpected surprises and mystery items. We rounded up the top 10 units sold in 2021 for our readers. These units were all in the top

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