Halloween Spooky Storage Unit Finds

human skull found in auction

This Halloween, beware the spooky storage unit… or bid on it, if you dare. (Cue evil laughter and haunted house screams.)

Here’s a story prompt– imagine you win an auction. You’re sorting through the contents of a locker, and you come across a white paper bag. What could be inside?

Here’s a story from real life, stranger than fiction.

A man in Washington State recently won a storage unit for $1,200, and it really was a win. He estimates the contents to be worth $30k. Among the myriad items: knives, guns, handcuffs, and a white paper bag containing a human skull. (Cue thunder and lightning.)

Okay, gross. Naturally, he called the police and reported the find. It was the grisliest item, but not the only shady item. He also turned in birth certificates, vehicle titles, and a locked box containing a property deed.

The police are investigated the skull. It didn’t seem to be linked to any open cases. Hopefully, they’ll find out where it came from and bring peace to the departed soul. Meanwhile, in the land of the living, John Norris now owns valuable antiques, memorabilia, jewelry, and more. He also has quite the story to tell: the tale of a lucrative bid with an element of ominous mystery.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever found in a storage unit? Share your story in the comments, and happy haunting – uh, that is, happy hunting!

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Myths and Facts About Collectibles


Ever been on the Internet? Of course you have. Chances are at some point or another, you’ve encountered a viral rumor about some object from your childhood being worth your weight in gold. You may have frantically fact-checked, or lost your head a little and called your mom to look in the attic to see whether or not you’re a millionaire. Many of these rumors die out for a while and then begin to recirculate.

Rumor: Disney Black Diamond VHS Tapes

Before you run off to count up your old Disney VHS tapes, you should know they’re not rare. They’re certainly not worth thousands of dollars. When you research the value of items on eBay, always check the buying price for the true value, not the selling price. Anyone can put an exorbitant price tag, or ramp the bids up, on an item.

Rumor: Princess Diana Beanie Baby

2017 marked the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic death. It also marked 20 years of people claiming that the Princess Beanie Baby is worth millions, hundreds of thousands, or at least thousands. We all know how the supply vs. demand equation worked out when it comes to Beanie Babies, and Princess is no exception. Recently, this item has sold for $1 on the low end to $1,000 on the high end.

Rumor: Old American Girl Dolls

This is yet another case of reporters not understanding how Ebay actually works. The article that made the rounds concerning Pleasant Company’s original lineup boasts of the oft-inflated asking price, not the actual selling price.

Rumor: Harry Potter First Editions

Rejoice, for these rumors are actually true! Some first edition Harry Potter books qualify as rare and valuable. The author’s signature adds value, and condition factors into the resale as well.

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The Business of Storage Auctions

storage unit door

How do storage facility owners decide when to auction off delinquent units?
At what point does an owner decide it’s time to tell the tenant to collect their stuff and leave?

I don’t like auctions,” admits Mark Helm, author of Creating Wealth through Self-Storage.

From a business perspective, this makes sense. Monthly payments are generally more profitable than self storage auctions. On the other hand, he advises against offering payment plans for delinquent tenants. After all, the lack of monthly payments drains income to begin with. Something has to be done about it.

Compassion leads many managers to make exceptions for tenants who can’t make payments on time. There’s nothing wrong with being kind-hearted toward tenants, but storage facility owners need to set clear expectations up front to reduce their delinquency percentage.

If you’re a storage facility owner, you can use storagetreasures.com to auction off delinquent units and reduce your losses.