What Happens if My Credit Card is Declined in a Self Storage Auction?

If your credit card is declined when winning a self storage auction, no need to fear! StorageTreasures’ payment policy is simple.

You just won a self storage auction on StorageTreasures.com. First off congratulations! The next step in the online auction process is that we will automatically charge the credit card on file with applicable auction fees. But what happens if you get the dreaded alert, the payment was declined? 

Declined Credit Card Policy

StorageTreasures’ payment policy is simple. If a winning self storage auction buyer has not submitted payment for StorageTreasures’ fees within 24 hours of the auction close time, the storage facility/seller can request that the unit is offered to alternate (backup) bidders. Your account would remain suspended indefinitely, for not only the failure to pay the fees but also for a ‘no show’. Check out these most common reasons your credit card can be declined to ensure you’re not at risk.

How Will I Know If My Credit Card Declined?

If your credit card declines, then: 

  • We will send you an email notification stating: Action required! Your credit card was declined. 
  • Customer Support will call you and email instructions on how to take care of your declined invoice for your self storage auction. 
  • You can view the unpaid invoice in your account, on your dashboard, under the “Invoices” tab. 

How Do I Pay My Declined Invoice?

To pay your declined invoice you will need to login to your account and click the “Pay Now” button. You can find this next to the declined invoice, found in the “Invoices” tab. If the payment still declines or there is an issue with your credit card information, please update your credit card on file or provide a different card. 


To sum up, now that you know what to expect, make sure your credit card is updated! And the next time you win a self storage auction you can go into the auction knowing that everything is above board. No surprises here! If you have any more self storage auction questions check out our FAQ page


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