Bidder Spotlight: Jeanette Wilder – The Indiana Jane of Storage Units for Sale

Learn more about our storage auction bidder, Jeanette Wilder.

Bidder Spotlight: Jeanette Wilder - The Indiana Jane of Storage Units for Sale

Meet Jeanette Wilder, a seasoned veteran and self-proclaimed “Indiana Jane” of the StorageTreasures bidder community. With a passion for unearthing hidden treasures, Jeanette’s love for items she can donate to local stores has turned storage units for sale into thrilling adventures. 

Jeanette’s Background

Having majored in Interior Design, Jeanette’s enthusiasm for beautiful things is evident in her finds at Storage Treasures. Despite her occasional struggle with math (much like Einstein, as she humorously points out), she quickly realized that the math behind StorageTreasures works perfectly. For her it is a treasure trove of opportunities to find unique items and help others in the process. 

Discovering StorageTreasures Online Auctions

Discovering you can win big on storage units for sale, Jeanette jumped right in, created a free bidder registration, and has not stopped bidding and winning since. The allure of finding unusual things keeps her coming back to storage auctions year after year, like a true explorer on a never-ending quest for treasures. 

Her Best Finds in Storage Units for Sale

Among her memorable finds, Jeanette recalls her best storage unit for sale discovery in Florida—an array of beautiful furniture that seemed to call out to her, urging her to take them home. Jeanette’s love for beautiful things extends to appreciating the “diamonds in the rough” as well, showcasing her keen eye for potential in every find. 

To facilitate her treasure-hunting expeditions, Jeanette found a trusty companion in U-Haul. Whether traveling to the beach or experiencing the tropical vibes of her home, Jeanette’s adventures are enriched by the sound of the ocean and the allure of Southern states. 

With a passion for traveling and picking up souvenirs along the way, Jeanette combines her love for exploring various places with her knack for discovering hidden gems in abandoned storage units and thrift stores. The joy of finding unique items, while helping others through her donations, truly defines Jeanette’s journey in the StorageTreasures community. 

Indiana Jane

Jeanette Wilder, the Indiana Jane of Storage Treasures, inspires us to embrace the excitement of treasure hunting and explore the vast possibilities that storage units for sale offer. Her delightful spirit and love for beautiful things remind us that every item has a story to tell and a unique place in someone’s heart. 

Join Jeanette and the lively StorageTreasures bidder community in their endless quest for hidden treasures, memorable finds, and the joy of helping others along the way. As Indiana Jane would say, “You can’t go wrong with Storage Treasures!” 


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