Bidder Spotlight: From Massage Therapist to Storage Units for Sale Enthusiast

Learn more about our storage auction bidder, Toni Duplantis.

Bidder Spotlight: From Massage Therapist to Storage Units for Sale Enthusiast

Meet Toni Duplantis, a seasoned bidder of our StorageTreasures community, who found an exciting new chapter in her life as a semi-retired massage therapist. Seeking a way to occupy her time and make some extra money, Toni stumbled upon the hobby of bidding on storage units for sale. She will share with you that stumble would unknowingly bring her so much joy and fulfillment in her life.  

Unique Finds with Incredible Value

Winning a storage unit, clearing it out, and making sales became a source of immense fun for Toni. She recalls two particularly memorable units located about an hour’s drive away, both won for bids under $35. Initially unassuming, one of the units held a treasure trove that would make any storage hunter’s heart race. A climate-controlled 10×12 unit yielded a massive coin collection, including 1943 pennies from every mint and precious Gold Coins. The discovery of Yeezy shoes, resold for $400, and a Lululemon wardrobe with tags still intact proved highly profitable. 

Another storage unit for sale in the same location, a climate-controlled 5×5 filled with totes and backpacks, seemed to contain nothing more than clothes. However, it turned out to be the dream find for any storage enthusiast. Hidden within the backpacks were jewelry boxes, stuffed at the bottom with exquisite 10k, 14k, and 18k gold, along with silver rings, chains, pendants, and pins. 

Inspired and Drawn to the Excitement

Inspired by popular YouTube channels like What the Hales  and Storage Wars, Toni found herself drawn to the excitement of storage auctions, transforming her into the life of a storage hunter. Embracing a lighthearted and humorous outlook on life, Toni believes that laughter is the key to happiness, contributing to overall well-being more than any apple ever could. 

Restoring the Love

However, beneath her fun and outgoing personality lies a compassionate and empathetic soul. Toni strongly believes in “Restoring the Love” by returning personal items she finds in units to their original owners without charge, questions, or judgment. This heartfelt gesture reflects her commitment to restoring faith and love in humanity, making a positive impact in her community. 

Toni Duplantis is a shining example of how a chance discovery in storage units for sale can lead to a thrilling and fulfilling adventure. Her unique outlook on life, paired with her caring nature, embodies the essence of the StorageTreasures community, where passion for treasure hunting meets a deep appreciation for the human connection. 


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