Bidder Spotlight: Jessica Crowe – From Casino Manager to Self Storage Auction Enthusiast

a former casino manager turned passionate bidder in the self storage auctions

Bidder Spotlight: Jessica Crowe - From Casino Manager to Self Storage Auction Enthusiast

Meet Jessica Crowe, a remarkable member of our StorageTreasures community whose journey from a busy casino manager to a passionate self storage auction bidder is nothing short of inspiring. Her story is a testament to the unexpected paths life can lead us on and the incredible treasures waiting to be discovered. 

Jessica’s Story

After working grueling double shifts and long hours due to staffing shortages, Jessica had a life-altering experience that made her reassess her priorities. One morning, after an exhausting 18-hour shift, she fell asleep at the wheel but fortunately woke up just in time to avoid a potentially devastating collision with an 18-wheeler. This incident became a turning point in her life. 

Determined to leave the stressful casino environment behind, Jessica ventured into a new entrepreneurial path. She began attending garage sales, purchasing items to flip for profit. It was during one evening at home, while watching an episode of Storage Wars, that Jessica’s curiosity about checking out a local self storage auctions was piqued. She expressed her interest to her father, who encouraged her by saying, “Find an auction, and I’ll take off work. We’ll go together.” 

Within three days, Jessica found a local auction, and with her father by her side, they embarked on their first storage auction adventure. They managed to acquire their first locker for a mere $60, and little did they know that it would be the start of an incredible journey. 

Best Finds

Their best find to date was a $70 locker filled with bags. Inside a few of those bags were small totes containing jewelry boxes. To Jessica’s amazement, the jewelry boxes held nearly $10,000 worth of exquisite gold jewelry. 

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Since that fateful auction, Jessica has been captivated by the thrill of self storage auctions. She continues to uncover hidden treasures, constantly honing her skills and expanding her knowledge of the trade. 

Hunt, Bid, Win!

Jessica’s story is a testament to the transformative power of seizing opportunities and following one’s passions. Her determination and resilience have propelled her into a world where every storage unit holds the potential for extraordinary discoveries. 

Join Jessica and the vibrant StorageTreasures community in the exciting realm of self storage auctions. Who knows what treasures await you? The possibilities are limitless. 


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