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Missouri always has great local storage auctions on StorageTreasures

Missouri always has great local storage auctions on StorageTreasures. With more than six million residents it is the 19th-most populous state of the country. People are renting storage units in record numbers. Businesses can also find renting self storage units to be an affordable alternative to warehousing.

Big Urban Areas = Online Storage Auctions

The three biggest urban areas in Missouri are around the big cities, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Springfield.

The Kansas City metropolitan area has a population of 2.34 million people and there are always great storage auctions on StorageTreasures in Kansas City, Independence, and Lee’s Summit. On the Kansas side of the border, you can find storage locker auctions in Overland Park and Kansas City, KS.

St. Louis is the second largest city in Missouri but has the largest metro area. StorageTreasures has scads of super self storage auctions in St. Louis. You can buy storage units in St. Charles, Florissant, and Fenton.

Springfield is Missouri’s third-largest city and the biggest city in the Springfield-Branson Metropolitan Area.

Missouri is the “Show Me State” and you can see for yourself all the profitable storage locker auctions in Missouri. It is easy to search for local abandoned storage units for sale, you can search by city or zip code to look for a storage auction in your area.

StorageTreasures – Storage Auction Missouri Experts

A self storage unit auction is necessary when storage tenants fail to pay their rent. Varying by state laws, renters have an amount of time to pay the storage facility what they owe and avoid an auction. If the owed amount is not paid, as a last resort the storage facility operator is allowed to auction off the abandoned storage units to recoup some of their losses either by an in person storage auction or an online storage unit auction.

StorageTreasures is the online storage auction experts. Online storage auctions not only comply with but exceed the intent of state laws governing the self storage industry protecting tenants and bidders alike. With over 70,000 storage auctions per month StorageTreasures is by far the most popular storage auction Missouri website. In 2021, there were 8,002 storage unit auctions posted with over 73,845 total bids!

storage auction in Florissant MOCheck out this storage auction in Florissant, MO full of Barbie Doll collectibles that sold on StorageTreasures in February 2021 for $6,020!

Are you ready to start buying storage unit auctions? Check out our top tips for buying storage units.

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