I Had The Winning Bid And Bought My First Storage Locker

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Here I was, my second week attending a live storage unit auction. This was week two, day one, as a buyer and not a spectator. Twelve storage units were up for auction at that facility. I had bid on the first 5 out of the 8 units and was out-bid on all 5 of them.

When the door opened on the 9th storage unit, I immediately spotted something I was familiar with.

I spotted an old Shimano BMX seatpost from the 1980’s. I could only see a portion of the seatpost, but it was the same type of seatpost I had purchased as a kid for my BMX bike. Back then, I saved my newspaper delivery money from two different paper routes and the extra money I earned mowing lawns so I could buy “totally rad” BMX parts for my bike. Needless to say, I knew what I had spotted was worth at least $100 if it was in decent condition.

I then spotted old BMX cage pedals, which were worth at least $50, not to mention that; this storage unit was filled to the top. As I cast my flashlight beam between stacked boxes, I saw 2 vintage Wilson tennis rackets; both were black, unstrung and appeared to have the original tags.

My girlfriend was along for the ride to see what all the storage auction fuss was about. I pointed those items out to her and all she could point out to me was the other stuff, which really looked like junk.

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Now I disclosed all, or I should say, the only good items that were visible inside this unit.

The rest of the storage unit didn’t look so good. The boxes were stained and most likely collected from along side a liquor store or pulled from a recycling bin. The unit had a musty, no, stinky odor that turned most perspective bidders off.

Either way, I was going to bid on this one and really wanted to win. It was something about those old BMX parts that brought back memories, but they also gave me somewhat of a confidence boost. I thought I could be the only one there who knew what those parts were.

I calculated the seatpost, pedals and tennis rackets had a resale value of $300.00.

I set my limit for this storage unit at $300 and just then the bidding started. The person whom bought 6 of the last 8 lockers yelled-out a $10 bid and the auctioneer took his bid.

I had observed the same individual during my first week as a storage auction observer and earlier this day. His strategy was simple, start low and nickel and dime all the other bidders until they dropout. I noted he would never bid more than $10 or $25 at a time.

I really wanted this storage unit for the amount I had set. So, the opening bid was $10 and before anyone else could toss-in their bid, I shouted: “two-hundred and fifty!”

All I got from him was a confused / upset look and moments later I heard “SOLD!” as the auctioneer points to me. I walked over with a grin on my face and placed the padlock on my first storage action victory. I couldn’t wait to start digging through those boxes.

I followed the auction crowd to the remaining 3 storage units. I was so excited about my first victory that I really didn’t bother bidding on the remaining storage units.

My next post will have more on what I found inside my first storage unit.

Until next time friends!


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