Sometimes a good thing, sometimes just that………………GARBAGE!

This time around I wanted to cover the pros and cons of black bag mountain units. I personally have grown fond of these types of units. I have found everything from loose cash, jewelry and such all the way to receipts and pocket lint.

One thing you have to remember just because it looks trashy, does not mean that is what is in store. May have been put there by a lazy packer/mover or maybe the original tenant was in a rush to move and just threw everything they owned into something quick and somewhat durable.

A little bit of luck could land you some name brand clothes, designer bags/purses, shoes, accessories and so on. Also you can land my personal favorites – real jewelry or even better loose cash!

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Also, however you have some cons. As I mentioned above you may just find some old receipts and lint. As well as you may be staring at bags and bags of dirty, stained, beatup clothes that you need to figure out where to dispose them.

I personally have had some luck so I am always willing to give them a shot. Also these units are generally known to go on the cheaper end. So one that is new to the business could use these types of units as a good capital builder.

One thing you have to remember however is these bags, once tied up especially, leave no room for proper ventilation so now you are facing mold and mildew issues.

In the long run these units are one of those matters where it’ll be a love/hate relationship. However your first few experiences go, may determine if you pull the trigger automatically on these in the future or if you just turn the other cheek.

You also must remember that these bags can easily rest and cover upon other things such as totes, other boxes, furniture and much more. I personally just got a 5×10 that was pretty much bags for $30. I discovered a pair of Nikes which already put me into the green by days’ end and have yet to process it in it’s entirety.

If you ask me, for the right cheap price of course, I’ll always say grab it if you can. Look on the bright side. If it ends up being trash, they are already in bags for ya 😉

Until next time hunters – best of luck on all future units. Black bags or not.


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  1. Faye

    I just auctioned off a 5×10 trash bag unit. The cops came out 3x to collect the illegal drugs the winning bidder found while cleaning it out!

  2. Chris

    I just bought a 4×9 garbage bag unit for $10. So far I’ve found 9 leather coats, a mink stoll, red fox fur coat some jewelry, and $20. I still have several bags yet to go through. ?

  3. Annette Lawless

    My husband and I took interest in storage auctions after retiring. We have purchased only a few through storage treasures, only we have found our experience not to our pleasure, in fact it has been harmful and dangerous at best.
    A few months ago we purchased a locker for $150. Saturated in rat droppings and rat carcases the unit was 10×10 stuffed full. It was all taken to the dump.
    Yesterday we purchased as locker for $30 a 5×10. With the first find a hypodermic needle and crack pipe. Followed with well over 500-600 hypodermic needles adding several burnt spoons and crack pipes.
    I will say the location was in a very decent area for both locker. I am also aware these are not the responsibility of S.T. or the facility. I am just rethinking doing this again… There is obviously some truth in the saying…
    You never know what skeletons are in another person’s closet.

    • Annette Lawless

      I can’t help but update my findings in this needles in a haystack locker… THIS HEROIN ADDICTS DAD. Yep his dad’s ashes right next to a dozen or so needles and some low budget porn. Sorry folks I’m not exaggerating one bit, I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. Though my heart tells me to do the right thing and return these to the rightful owner, My mind is a bit colder with as many needles that were everywhere and exposed! he had no concern for anyone else’s welfare they obviously were not a priority to him!!! I know, I know what the right thing to do is…. but I can at least think about the other option taking on such a true nightmare locker as such… I’m thinking this locker thing isn’t for me.

      • I have seen many things in units, and it’s just part of the buisness. But it is still possible to make some good money. When sizing up a unit its best to be a pessimist and you will learn which units to avoid. The best units are the ones that were on auto pay and the credit card fails putting them in default. But most of the time, these tenants will pay the past due amount.

    • This is why I miss the good ole days of onsite auctions only….the really good ole days before the TV show killed the business. In real life you can see detail and more importantly smell details. But, it is what it is. I’ll take a clean $1000 full household unit any day I can get them but, all these years later I will still buy a pile of bags if it looks right because that is how I got my start and in our first store out in the middle of nowhere NV clothing ended up being our bread and butter.

  4. tom p

    Are you going to all set up manager and private seller units there are VERY little lien units on your site anymore. if we as buyers wanted to buy set ups we would go to garage and yard sale buying. your site is ment for unpaid storage why are you allowing so much manager and private seller set ups. If they can’t sell it it is junk and they are NOT lien units which is your whole deal.


    • StorageTreasures

      Thank you for your comments. StorageTreasures still has lien units and those units still account for the majority of posted auctions on our site. In fact, there are 3 types of auctions on our site which are: Lien, Non-Lien and Charity Units. Non-Lien Units are not necessarily always discarded items. Essentially, any unit that does not fall under the guidelines of a lien sale is considered a non-lien unit. We appreciate your question and hope we addressed your uncertainty about lien auctions.

  5. I run a thrift and run my clothing in a machine. I’m a sucker for $10 garbage bag units if I see any clothing. Just bought two at a live auction..yes needles in one, but all sealed, he was a diabetic as a meter was there too. $20 and I’ll turn around $900.

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