Donating Storage Unit Items to Charity is Easy

Donating Storage Unit Items to Charity is Easy

After you finish pulling out all the treasures from your storage unit, you’ll want to deal with the items you can’t sell or use yourself. You may feel like you should simply toss everything into the trash to save yourself time and inconvenience. However, donating storage unit items to charity doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, you can do it rather easily. In addition to supporting people in your community and easing pressure on the planet, you can also use this donation as a nice tax write off on next year’s taxes.

Check Out Donation Town for Free Donation Pickup

Donation Town is an easy to use website that makes it possible to donate a wide assortment of items. This database not only connects users with places in their community that accept donations, it also lists local organizations that will send a truck to your home to pick up your haul. You won’t even have to repack the items in your car and drive. Just schedule a pickup, and the stuff goes away free of charge.

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To start, check out the Donation Town website. To view what options are available in your local area, type in your zip code. The service will then show an easy to follow checklist, where you select everything you wish to donate.

What Can You Donate?

With Donation Town, it is a bit location specific, but most likely you can donate anything from clothes and shoes to furniture, stuffed animals, toys and appliances. You’ll quickly find just about everything you have and don’t need can be donated instead of sent to the landfill.

Going Green is Easy

It doesn’t need to be difficult to go green after winning a storage unit auction. With the help of Donation Town, you won’t even need to drive many of your items over to local recycling centers or charities. Going green has never been easier.


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