Can I Recycle That? Find Out Which Items You Can Divert From the Landfill

Can I Recycle That

No matter how great a haul you have in winning a storage unit auction, you will undoubtedly have a large amount of junk. Before you simply start lugging off giant trash bags to the dump, stop to consider a few of the items you can recycle. This way, you’ll reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions while preserving important manufacturing materials.

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Unfortunately, many consumers skip recycling or do it incorrectly, causing contamination, waste, jams and costly downtime at recycling facilities. We’re not entirely to blame, here. Every locality is served by a different recycling facility, and each location has different rules governed both by law and by the capacity of a given plant. Every time changes occur in the recycling plant, the list of acceptable items changes too, and consumers are rarely up-to-date.

Here’s the good news: we live during the information age. Earth 911 is a huge online, searchable database that allows users to find out:

  • which items can be recycled at curbside pickup in their communities,
  • which items can be recycled at other locations, such as plastic bag collection bins in supermarkets,
  • which items can be shipped to or picked up by specialized recycling plants

If you are committed to recycling, the process is simple: search the item you want to recycle and enter your zip code. From electronics to old cans of paint, there may be a second life for unwanted items. You can also call 1-800-CLEANUP if you don’t have access to the website.


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