Best Online Storage Auctions

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Storage auctions can be a fun way to make some extra money, provided you know what you are bidding on and can make an informed decision about your strike price. The best online storage auctions are ones that provide the information you need and have a clear interface.


The ability to build your own custom profile is important for more than just appearances. You want to be able to easily target certain geographical and product areas when searching for auctions. The more comfortable you are with your online auction interface, the more easily you will be able to bid and the more likely you will be to win some great hidden treasures.

Thorough Info

Obviously, you need the location and the current price of an item or storage unit that interests you. But you also need a transparent description of potential legal hassles you could stumble into, as well as a thorough rundown on the fee structure that applies when you win an auction and how long you have to pick up the contents of your unit. Further, it helps a great deal if the online auction site you use also lets you know how many auctions will occur in a given facility at around the same time.

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Easy to Navigate

Navigation should be user-friendly, intuitive and easy to learn. Unfortunately, too many sites leave you wondering where you need to click and whether that click accomplished what you’re trying to do. Prompts should be clear, menus should be organized and bidding online should be as easy or easier than bidding in person. Sometimes the worst bid you could make is the one you never end up submitting because of a confusing interface.

Category Search

Searching by location is crucial, but many people forget that there are other useful search parameters and filters. For example, you can search for the best online storage auction websites for particular types of goods. Since self-storage facilities photograph and often catalog the contents of every unit, you can narrow down your results to the auctions and items that really interest you.

Prioritizing Active and Upcoming Auctions

Online storage auctions open opportunities to bid in more events than you could physically attend. While this provides options, it can also lead to burnout. When your auctions seem to be running together, breathe deeply and plan for the next few you want to be sure to bid upon.


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