What’s the Difference Between Online & In-Person Storage Auctions?

Difference Between Online in Person Storage Auctions

Storage auctions are popular ways for people to get their hands on an item they have always wanted. Today there are plenty of self-storage companies that are selling the storage items to people through auctions in order to recoup their losses because of the unpaid rent for the storage unit.

Auctions come as a result of the lien. Lien can be described as a right to hold the belongings of another person until the person pays the debt that is owed. If the debtor fails to pay the debt, then the lien right gives permission to the storage operator to sell the items that are inside the storage unit. These storage auctions are becoming increasingly popular and both online and in-person auctions attract lots of people. In essence, both of these types of auctions function in the same way although they do have some differences.

Online Auctions Come With Numerous Advantages

One of the major pros is that you can easily log on to some quality auction website such as www.storagetreasures.com and bid for the items from the comfort of your own home. Another difference between the in-person and online storage auctions is in the fact that through online auctions you can bid for several storage units at once. The bidding action is faster, so you can easily buy several units in short period of time.

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You also do not have to travel long distance to enjoy bidding and getting stuff, so online auctions are pretty attractive for those people that want to do all their bidding from home or anywhere they are located at.

As mentioned, in-person auctions require travelling to a certain place, so you are bound to lose some energy and time of your day. With online auctions you have more time for your everyday obligations and more spare time. You can easily do your day-to-day tasks while bidding for certain storage unit and the items in it. That is something what most people value a lot, so online auctions have an advantage over in-person auctions in this segment too.


Regarding the ways in which the auctions are managed, in the in-person auction you have a chance to closely examine the items and then ask for some questions before you choose to buy the items. That way you are getting clearer idea about how many items are there for bidding and you can discuss other details as well.

Traditional, in-person storage auctions can be very exciting as you get a chance to interact with other bidders. On the other side, online auctions are more convenient because you can check out all the items in catalogues and then read descriptions about contents and other things.

In conclusion we can say that both auction types have their fair share of advantages and offer different benefits. In-person auctions are interesting and exciting because buyers interact and get caught up in the entire process. As stakes go higher the excitement also goes up. With in-person auctions you also get a chance to talk with the sellers, while at the online auction you are just bidding without interacting with other people.

However, with online auctions you can bid from any place and at any time you find most convenient. Also in-person auctions come with costs and expenses for getting to the place of auction, while with online auctions you do not have to worry about that. That is very good thing in this modern and fast-paced way of life. These were the main differences between online and in-person storage auctions, so go for the option you think it is best for you.


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