What to Look for in a Storage Auction

This is a storage auction.

When a storage unit goes unpaid for several months, the owner of the storage facility often puts units up for auction. The winner receives everything inside of it. However, it isn’t usually possible to spend a lot of time appraising the unit, and bidding high can be a gamble. If other bidders are driving the price up, here are some things to consider:

1. Look For Professional Boxes

Professional boxes likely mean someone invested in moving supplies and movers. Only someone with the money to spend would do something like that. This means the chances of boxes containing something valuable increases.

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2. Dust

Is the storage unit especially dusty? You might be surprised this is a good thing. It means the items have not been moved in some time. Combine this with professional boxes or coverings and the unit becomes that much more desirable.

3. Wrapped Furniture

Is the furniture wrapped in plastic or another professional covering? If so it means those who put the furniture in storage wanted to keep it safe. Typically only valuable furniture receives this kind of protective covering.

4. Cash on Hand

Most storage owners will accept cash only, so come prepared to bid with cash.

5. Lock it Up

You may not be able to take everything out of the unit after you win the auction. Thankfully, the items are already in a storage unit. Most auctions do have a few day grace period for you to clear the unit, but lock it up if you can’t take everything along.


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