What do Facilities do with Abandoned Storage Units?

A storage facility auctioned off by StorageTreasures, with abandoned storage units in the background.

What do Facilities do with Abandoned Storage Units?

Abandoned storage units are a common occurrence, but why do they happen, and why are they eventually auctioned off by StorageTreasures? 

There are a few reasons why storage units go abandoned. One of the main reasons is that the renter is unable to make their monthly payments. This could be because they have fallen on hard financial times, or they simply forgot to make the payment. In either case, if a storage unit goes unpaid for a certain period of time, the storage facility will consider it abandoned and take action to auction it off. 

Another reason why there are abandoned units is if the renter passes away. In this case, no one may discover the storage unit for some time. And when it is, there may be no one to claim it or make the payments. In this situation, the storage facility will also likely auction it off. 

Finally, sometimes renters simply forget about their storage unit. This could be because they moved to a new location and forgot about their belongings, or they simply lost interest in the items they had stored. In either case, the storage facility will eventually consider the unit abandoned and take action to auction it off. 

Regardless of the reason, abandoned units are a common problem for storage facilities. To address this issue, StorageTreasures offers a platform for storage facilities to auction off abandoned units. The storage facility is then able to regain some of the money they are owed. It also gives buyers the opportunity to potentially find some valuable items in the units. 

Abandoned units happen for a variety of reasons, including missed payments, the passing of the renter, and simply being forgotten about. StorageTreasures.com eventually auctions off these units for buyers to potentially find valuable items. Discover the world of storage auctions and how you can uncover hidden treasures today!


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