Top-Selling Storage Auctions in New Jersey

Our top selling storage auctions in New Jersey

Top-Selling Storage Auctions in New Jersey

Online storage auctions have become increasingly popular in recent years, and with good reason. These auctions offer an opportunity to bid on abandoned storage units and strike it rich with hidden treasures. If you’re looking to get started bidding on online storage auctions, check out our article on what you should know. StorageTreasures, has been hosting several unique  storage auctions in New Jersey, with some units selling for over $20,000. Let’s take a closer look at the top three units sold from these auctions. 

Mystery Collections

One of the top selling storage auctions in New Jersey

Firstly, this unit sold for an impressive $22,100! And it was described as having all types of collectibles, with many varieties in lots of boxes. This unit was a bit of a mystery, with a wide range of items waiting to be discovered. The winning bidder likely took a gamble on this unit, hoping to find a few valuable items among the boxes. It’s difficult to say exactly what was inside, but it’s safe to assume that there were plenty of rare and unusual items that caught the eye of bidders. With a price tag of over $22,000, it’s clear that this unit had some serious treasure waiting to be discovered. 

Into the Metaverse Unit

Another storage auction in New Jersey

Secondly, the next unit sold for $20,000! And it was filled with action figures, a Star Wars collection, Hot Wheels, Dragonball Z, Matrix figures, boxes, bins, and sports figures. This unit was a playground for collectors of all kinds, with a huge variety of toys and figurines on offer. The Star Wars collection in particular would have been a major draw for bidders, as the franchise continues to be a major force in popular culture. Hot Wheels and other sports figures likely added to the appeal of this unit, making it a well-rounded offering for those looking to add to their collections. 

Luke... I Won Your Unit

The final storage auction in New Jersey

Lastly, the third unit sold for $18,010. It was described as containing Star Wars and Disney toys, collectibles, games, boxes, and bags full of items. This unit, like the others, offered a wide range of items that would have appealed to a variety of collectors. Star Wars and Disney items are always popular, and the addition of games, boxes, and bags full of items would have made this unit a tempting purchase for bidders. The winning bidder likely had high hopes for this unit, and it’s possible that they found a few hidden gems among the boxes. 

Hidden Treasure

Overall, these three units showcase the potential rewards of online storage auctions. Each unit offered a unique assortment of items that would have appealed to a variety of collectors. It’s worth noting that not every unit will contain valuable or interesting items, but these top sellers demonstrate the potential for hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. It’s important to approach storage auctions with an open mind as those willing to take the risk, the rewards can be significant! 

Shortly, if you’re interested in participating in online storage auctions in New Jersey be sure to do your research. Approach each auction with a winning strategy in mind. Take the time to carefully evaluate each unit before placing a bid and don’t forget to look at the listing additional information sections. With a little bit of luck and a keen eye for hidden treasures, you just might strike rich at the next online storage auction. 


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