Top-Selling Storage Auctions in Montana

The Top-Selling Storage Auctions in Montana

Storage Auctions in Montana

Montana is the fourth largest state in terms of area and has a population of approximately 1.1 million people. The state is known for its wide-open spaces and also its pretty spectacular storage auctions in Montana. We are going to open the storage door and reveal to you the top three sold storage auctions in Montana. Each had unique items and impressive final bid amounts. 

Vintage Motorcycle

The first auction we will cover sold for an impressive $5,020. And it had a vintage motorcycle as its main attraction. The winning bidder walked away with a valuable piece of history and potential for future profits. With even more if they decided to sell the motorcycle or fix it up!

Jammed Packed Unit

The second auction had a final bid of $5,010. This unit contained a wide variety of items, including numerous boxes and clothing. While not as glamorous as a vintage motorcycle, this unit was still attractive to bidders due to the sheer volume of items it contained. Clothing can be a lucrative item to resell, especially if the items are in good condition and from well-known brands. The boxes could also contain hidden treasures, such as jewelry or other valuable items. The winning bidder would have had plenty of work ahead of them to sort through everything, but the potential profits could make it worth the effort. 

Variety of Items

The third and final auction we will cover sold for $4,450. This unit contained a variety of items, including coolers, buckets, luggage, bikes, and clothes. While not as focused as the previous auctions, this unit still contained a diverse range of items that could prove profitable for the winning bidder. The coolers and buckets could be resold to outdoor enthusiasts or used for personal camping trips. The bikes could be repaired and resold, while the luggage and clothes could be sold in bulk to thrift stores or online. This auction is a great example of how a unit with a variety of items can still attract bidders and provide potential profits. 

Storage auctions in Montana can be a great way to find hidden treasures. The three auctions highlighted all had unique items and shared one thing in common: potential profits for the winning bidder! We have auctions ranging from just $10 so the potential for finding valuable items is always a few clicks away. If you are interested in attending a storage auction in Montana, be sure to check out for upcoming auctions in your area.  


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