Top-Selling Storage Auctions in Alabama

Our top selling storage auction in Alabama

Top-Selling Storage Auctions in Alabama

Storage auctions can be an exciting and profitable way to find hidden treasures. We host exciting and fun storage auctions in Alabama, with the top three units selling for impressive amounts. 

The Outdoor Lover

The top selling storage auction in Alabama

Firstly, this unit sold for an impressive $18,110! It contained a variety of items, including doors, a refrigerator, a grill/smoker, multiple 4×4 vehicles, and a generator. This unit would have been a dream come true for anyone interested in outdoor activities or DIY projects. The multiple 4×4 vehicles alone would be worth a considerable amount, and the other items would have been an even greater surprise. 

I Choose You!

Secondly, the next unit sold for $15,010! It was filled with a mix of items, including a mattress, bookshelves, Pokémon cards, binders, and boxes of cards, as well as assorted items of furniture. This unit would have been a great find for any Pokémon card collector. The sealed cards, binders, and boxes could have been worth a significant amount, depending on their rarity and condition. The furniture and other items were an added bonus for the winning bidder. 

Another Pokémon Dream

Lastly, the third unit sold for $11,110! It was packed with a variety of items, including boxes, totes, furniture, a Pokémon card binder with cards, Dragon Ball Z action figures, and jewelry. This unit would have been a great find for anyone interested in collectibles or vintage items. The Pokémon card binder alone could have been worth a considerable amount, depending on the cards it contained. The Dragon Ball Z action figures and jewelry were a nice added touch. 

Tips for Storage Auctions in Alabama

It is important to note that not all storage unit auctions are created equal. Also, it’s essential to be prepared with a winning strategy. Here are a few tips to keep in mind: 

Do your research:

 Before bidding on a unit, research the area and the storage facility to get an idea of what types of items may be inside. Make sure you have read the ‘Auction Details’ and ‘Additional Information’ and ‘Auction Rules’ sections that accompany each auction listing. They contain specific details that are important for you to read. This can help you make a more informed decision when it comes time to bid. 

Set a budget:

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of an auction. Make sure you have set a budget beforehand and know your limits.  

Be prepared to remove the contents:

Winning bidders are responsible for removing the unit’s contents within a certain time. Make sure you have the necessary tools and manpower to do so. 

Overall, the top three units sold on in Alabama were impressive finds for the winning bidders. From outdoor equipment to collectibles and furniture, these units contained many valuable items. If you are interested in storage auctions, make sure to do your research and approach them with a winning strategy in mind. Who knows? You may be the next lucky bidder to find hidden treasures in an abandoned storage unit. 


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