Top-Selling Storage Auction in Mississippi

Our top selling storage auction in Mississippi

Top-Selling Storage Auction in Mississippi

If you’re looking to score some great deals, then bidding on online storage auctions is a great way to have fun and win big! At, we host over 70,000 storage auctions a month with some of the best storage auctions in Mississippi In the past five years, the top selling online auction in Mississippi was sold for a staggering $7200! The unit, which the previous tenant had abandoned, was filled with an array of exciting and valuable items for the winning bidder.  

The $7,200 Grand Treasure Unit

The top selling storage auction in Mississippi

The unit included several glass cabinets, perfect for displaying collectibles. It also had a variety of collectible model airplanes, adding to the unit’s appeal for aviation enthusiasts.  

Other items included shelving units, suitcases, and those mystery boxes treasure hunters cannot wait to open. It gets better, this unit also featured two safes, which are often filled with so many unique and valuable treasures. 

Perhaps most surprising of all, the unit also contained 10 swords! This grand treasure storage auction in Mississippi sure had all the excitement and adventure an online auction bidder could ask for. Do you like reading about our top storage auction units? Then read our top selling storage auctions of 2021 

Storage Auctions in Mississippi

If you’re interested in bidding on storage auctions, it’s important to do your research ahead of time. Familiarize yourself with the types of items that are commonly found in storage units. This online storage auction was a showcase of the wide variety of items that can be found in storage units and the potential for great deals to be found on StorageTreasures. Check out the current storage auctions in Mississippi and register as a bidder to make your winning bid today! With a bit of luck and a keen eye for a good deal, you too could find yourself the proud owner of a valuable haul like the one sold in this Mississippi storage auction. 


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