Top Selling Colorado Storage Auctions


Colorado, home to the Rocky Mountains and some impressive storage auctions! So far this year we have sold almost 10,000 Colorado storage auctions on StorageTreasures. These auctions’ contents had everything from household items, tools, and furniture to mystery boxes, media equipment, and collectible toys. Here are some of our top selling Colorado storage auctions in 2022.

Tiffany Style Lamp – Sale Price $4,010

Tiffany Style Lamp in Colorado storage auctionsThis storage locker auction in Broomfield, Colorado was full of typical, everyday items. Boxes, bags, totes, toys, furniture, tools, a toolbox, a bike, a scooter, and computers, but is that an authentic Tiffany lamp? Tiffany style lamps can be quite valuable! You can search like a pro by using our lamps category and filter storage unit auction results by your zip code to find abandoned storage units for sale in your area.

55” TVs – Sale Price $4,310

Dozens of boxes with 55’ Samsung TVs in Colorado storage auctions on StorageTreasuresThis self storage auction of an 11’ x 30’ unit in Westminster, Colorado sold in June 2022 and was easy money for the winner. It contained dozens of boxes with 55’ Samsung TVs. There was even a dolly included for easy moving!

Polaris Sportsman 450 – Sale Price $4,630

 Polaris Sportsman 450 ATV in Colorado storage auctions on StorageTreasuresThere does not seem to be anything special about this Colorado storage auction in Denver. It is a 10’ x 10’ unit with bedding, clothing, boxes, bags, totes, artwork, a snowboard, and possibly some guitars in their cases. There is a nice generator but look closely and you will see a blue Polaris Sportsman 450 ATV! New models can go for $7000. The winning bidder knew what they were doing by winning this storage auction.

Media Equipment – Sale Price $6,660

Tons of Great Media Equipment in a storage auction on StorageTreasuresThis online storage auction was full of great media equipment! Server cabinets and racks, NAS controller, and servers, 4 60″ LCD monitors in their boxes, 24″ LCD monitors, electronic equipment trunks, multiple projectors, and various other electronics. This abandoned storage unit was sold in Frederick, Colorado in April 2022 for $6,660.

Lots of LEGO® – Sale Price $8,010

Lots of LEGO in Colorado storage auctions on StorageTreasuresThis 5’ x 5’ unit was full of LEGO®! This storage locker auction in Aurora, Colorado demanded the highest price at $8,010. The winner of this auction knew that these sets can be worth thousands. LEGO®’s in mint condition can become valuable collector’s items and command top dollar.

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