Storage Auctions in Pennsylvania

Storage Auctions in Pennsylvania

Storage Auctions in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a state known for its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and diverse culture. From the bustling cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to the charming small towns and rolling hills of Amish country, Pennsylvania has something to offer everyone. The state is also home to a thriving storage auction scene, attracting collectors, resellers, and adventure seekers alike. We have compiled some of the top selling units from recent storage auctions in Pennsylvania, including some exciting finds that may surprise you. 

It’s a-Me Mario!

The first unit was sold for an impressive $17,060 and contained a treasure trove of Mario Kart items and collector games. For gaming enthusiasts, this unit would have been a dream come true. The collection reportedly included rare and vintage video games, consoles, and accessories. Mario Kart is a beloved game franchise, and collectors are willing to pay top dollar for unique and hard-to-find items. The winning bidder of this unit likely made a significant profit after selling the items individually. 

Mystery Surprise

The second top-selling unit in Pennsylvania went for $15,890 and was filled with boxes, a table, and other fun items. While this unit’s contents were not specified, the high price it fetched indicates that it contained some valuable and exciting items. Storage units can be a bit of a gamble, as bidders do not know exactly what they are bidding on. However, the thrill of the unknown is part of the appeal for many people who attend storage auctions. 

Toy Cars

The third top-selling unit in Pennsylvania was sold for $11,510 and was filled with boxes of collector toy cars and baseball cards. Collectors are always on the hunt for rare and unique items, and this unit had just that. Toy car collectors are known to be particularly passionate, and they often spend a lot of money to add coveted pieces to their collection. Similarly, baseball card collectors can be incredibly dedicated, and rare cards can fetch significant sums of money at auction. 

In conclusion, storage auctions in Pennsylvania can be a thrilling way to discover unique and valuable items. The top-selling units from recent auctions are a testament to the potential rewards of attending a storage auction. With a bit of luck and a keen eye for value, storage auctions can be a fun and potentially lucrative experience. 


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