2022 Most Expensive Storage Auctions in Florida

Most Expensive Units Sold In Florida in 2022

StorageTreasures has some great storage auctions in Florida and 2022 has been no exception with over 35,000 online Florida storage auctions! There have been lockers with the things you probably expect in a self storage auction like clothes, sneakers, and boxes, but we also had some surprises this year. All these abandoned storage units were at the top of the list for the highest selling price in Florida. Check out these best storage unit auctions sold in Florida in 2022.

Leather Jackets and Motorcycle Helmets – Sale Price $10,010

 Leather goods and motorcycle helmets in storage auctions in FloridaThis self storage auction which was held in St Cloud, Florida, and ended on Jul 19th was one of the best storage auctions in Florida in 2022. It was full of leather goods and motorcycle helmets. It contained 19 leather jackets, 73 leather vests, leather saddle bags, leather handbags, and 85 motorcycle helmets in the box. This unit was very full, but it looks like it wasn’t a hard cleanout. It was packed very neatly, the clothes were all on racks, and as far as storage locker auctions go this unit must have smelled very nice!

Mystery Boxes – Sale Price $11,260

Mystery Boxes in storage auctions in Florida.This local storage auction was in Panama City, Florida, and sold on Jun 7th. The description just said “boxes”, but if you look closely, you can see Laerdal Medical printed on them. The company creates lifelike manikins of all age groups and medical simulation-based learning for healthcare education. Maybe the boxes contained patient simulators like CPR dummies. Some simulators can show vital signs, clinical signs, and symptoms and sell for thousands each.

Over 100 Pairs of Sneakers – Sale Price $12,600

Sneakers in storage auctions in FloridaSneakers are always very popular items in self storage auctions. This unit that was sold on Jun 17th in Mulberry, Florida, had over 100 pairs. Sneakers are usually produced in limited quantities and easily become a collectible commodity. A pair of Air Jordans went for $1.47 million in 2021 making them the most expensive game-worn and signed shoes ever sold.

1948 Mercury 2-door Coupe – Sale Price $17,810

1948 Mercury 2-door Coupe in storage auctions in Florida There were many vehicles among the list of highest-selling priced storage auctions in Florida this year. The 1948 Mercury, known as the Mercury Eight, is a beautiful automobile. This very nice Eight was sold in a storage locker auction on Sep 13th in Milton, Florida. During its production, the Eight offered a full range of body styles, including coupes, sedans, convertibles, and station wagons. In 1948 there were 50,268 Mercury Eights sold. I wonder how many are still out there? Maybe there are more in other abandoned storage units for sale. You can use our Motor Vehicles & Parts category to join the hunt. Enter your zip code to limit results to live storage auctions in your area.

Eight Jet Engines – Sale Price $18,500

Eight JT8D-200 Jet Engines in storage auctions in Florida The most surprising unit we found in Florida in 2022 was also the top-selling storage auction. It was sold in Doral on May 18th and went for $18,500! It contained Eight Pratt & Whitney JT8D-200 series Jet Turbine Engines. The JT8D-200 engine offers 18,500 to 21,700 pounds of thrust and was the exclusive power plant for the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series jet airliner. As we said, you sure can find some very surprising items when you buy storage units on StorageTreasures.

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