Sorting Strategies for Unit Owners

Sorting Strategies for Unit Owners

So you’ve won your first storage unit auction. Congratulations! Now what? After paying and clearing out the unit, you might feel overwhelmed by the task of going through your winnings. By following through with these steps, you’ll make sorting so much easier. Besides, once you’re done with sorting, you can move on to reselling.

How to Sort Your Items

Sorting items here is a bit different from how you might do it at home. While you will need boxes and bins, the categories for sorting your items will be different. Consider clear bins, since they are waterproof and it will be easier to identify the contents later on.

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First of all, have your “Trash/Donate” category. This will likely be a large category, and it will help you process the pile quickly to get to the treasures. The initial sorting is meant to be quick, so think of this as your “not keeping or selling” pile. You can separate trash from donations later. When you go through this pile again, consider where you can recycle and donate items.

For the items you do plan on selling, sort everything by venue. Whether you plan on setting it to a dealer, antique shop, eBay, sports collector, secondhand clothing boutique or something else, sort by destination. On the other hand, if you are sorting for a yard sale, sort by category.

If most of the items are going to the same venue, consider sorting items by price. The more valuable items go in one box, with lower valued items going in different boxes. You can set the price value for each box. For example, let’s say you find a ton of baseball cards. Common collectible cards might sell better in bulk, but rare cards should be separated and individually priced.

Do you have tried and tested sorting strategies? Please share in the comments, and happy sorting!


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