Reselling Clothing: Best Practices

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Reselling old clothes is a 16 billion dollar industry. With the help of the internet, you can sell your old clothes more easily than ever before. But convenience doesn’t guarantee instant success. Here are some of the best ways you can navigate the world of clothing resale:

1. Buy the Right Brands

Designer labels will get you the steepest percentage discounts on your resale purchase. Compared to retail price, the price of designer labels average upward of 75% in savings. Do some research to find out which brands are the most popular among customers, and invest in buying up as many clothes belonging to that brand as possible.

2. Sell the Right Clothing Piece

Not all pieces of clothing sell at the same rate or in the same quantities. Seasonal items will be more popular within that season, while clothing pieces that follow hot fashion trends sell for higher amounts while the trend is still popular.

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3. Take Good Pictures

You may possess a beautiful piece of fabric, but it won’t sell for much if you are unable to convey its quality to the customers. Invest in a professional grade camera and some basic photography lessons to make sure the pictures you put up on websites do full justice to the items you are selling.

4. Be Honest

No one expects clothes to be in a perfect condition during resale, but take the time to make the items you sell as close to new as possible. Don’t try to oversell the condition of the clothes. If you are caught lying, the website may warn customers against doing business with you, or even ban you from continuing as a seller on the website.


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