Moving truck at storage unit

After successfully winning over 50 lockers, I realized that there are a few unanticipated benefits I wanted to share with other bidders.

Firstly, I lost over 40 pounds by being more physically active processing lockers. I took it upon myself to learn what was involved in this endeavor; which lockers to bid on & how and where to market items from lockers.

Secondly, I wanted to share some basic tips and essential tools to clear and process lockers quickly and efficiently. In order to clear out a locker, start with push brooms, rakes, heavy duty trash bags, a van or truck (in my case a 17 foot trailer), with tarps, bungee cords, rope and ratchet straps.

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I also recommend plastic moving wrap to protect furniture and glass from shifting loads and moving blankets. Dollies are a must including the ones with straps for appliances like refrigerators and washers and dryers. A flat cart could be helpful at facilities where lockers are on the second floor. Also, don’t forget flashlights or lanterns to illuminate your processing.

I strongly recommend having many plastic bins that have attached lids to allow packing and stacking. Also, an ez-up canopy to provide shade if your locker is in direct sunlight. Never process the locker items at the facility because it delays the emptying of the space and they want to get your deposit back quickly. You should have a place set up to bring boxes and items to be photographed cataloged and sorted for  marketing. Organization & planning will save you much time and money.

Happy hunting!

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  1. G money

    I have been buying lockers for 27 years. I started buying them when I left the government service that i was employed with in 1990. I came about the business because of a friend I knew while working for the service that lost his locker to auction when he was going through a divorce. I can give the people out there a step by step account of the life of buying and selling lockers. The one thing I would say is Jeff is close but there are a huge amount of things you should know before you ever think about this business. I have been on three sets of those famous TV shows many of you watch and are curious to find out more about this life because of them. I can tell you 98% of those folks on TV are Actors or what we call newbie buyers just placed into the business for the shows (cause they look good on camera). I travel 39000 miles per year and see an average of 13 states per year. I have over 7000 square ft JUST for storage and processing in three of those states. I can tell you one thing with storage treasures online now it has saved me thousands of dollars in lost revenue on dry run trips. In the past before Lance started storage treasures I had to travel to live auctions and had to take the chance of a win with a 28 ft trailer behind me and fuel at $4.00 plus a gallon at times. I can go into a lot of things here with 27 years under my belt but I just wanted to say have cautious fun here on storage treasures. because once you start you won’t want to quit and it can get realllll expensive quick to just stay in the business.

  2. Glenn Corning

    I have bid against the Storage Wars people repeatedly in Southern California. They don’t seem like actors to me. More like average to fairly good buyers whose actions are distorted by the show. I like finding them because the show lands in a location where there are some interesting looking units to bid on. This is not by accident. I have made some very good buys against them.

    • g money

      Hey glenn I know the 2% of them that are real buyers the rest are set ups for the show. No one goes to an auction in high heels and a dress think about it. Hollywood is a great thing for entertainment. I know all of them on a personal level and none of them beside Renee and Dave even have a true warehouse or place of business. Most operate out of sheds and small 800 sq ft hole in the wall places. many have opened and closed their stores and shop in the course of the show. so if they were true buyers and true sellers they wouldn’t be closing down their businesses they would be growing and not moving out of state like one claimed buyer from the show has done.

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