Lessons Learned 50 Lockers In…

Moving Truck

After successfully winning over 50 lockers, I realized that there are a few unanticipated benefits I wanted to share with other bidders.

Firstly, I lost over 40 pounds by being more physically active processing lockers. I took it upon myself to learn what was involved in this endeavor; which lockers to bid on & how and where to market items from lockers.

Secondly, I wanted to share some basic tips and essential tools to clear and process lockers quickly and efficiently. In order to clear out a locker, start with push brooms, rakes, heavy duty trash bags, a van or truck (in my case a 17 foot trailer), with tarps, bungee cords, rope and ratchet straps.

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I also recommend plastic moving wrap to protect furniture and glass from shifting loads and moving blankets. Dollies are a must including the ones with straps for appliances like refrigerators and washers and dryers. A flat cart could be helpful at facilities where lockers are on the second floor. Also, don’t forget flashlights or lanterns to illuminate your processing.

I strongly recommend having many plastic bins that have attached lids to allow packing and stacking. Also, an ez-up canopy to provide shade if your locker is in direct sunlight. Never process the locker items at the facility because it delays the emptying of the space and they want to get your deposit back quickly. You should have a place set up to bring boxes and items to be photographed cataloged and sorted for  marketing. Organization & planning will save you much time and money.

Happy hunting!


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