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Q: Can storage facility staff go through the boxes to take inventory?

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A: Yes. Certainly, they can. But the law does not REQUIRE that they go through boxes. Operators are only required to provide a “general description” of the goods stored.

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Q: I bid on a non-lien managers special. I feel the manager knowingly put a non-working washing machine in the unit in order to get rid of it. Do I have any recourse?

A: Likely not… the rules likely provide that everything you buy is AS IS with no warranty. You would only be able to recover if you could prove fraud, which is hard to prove.

Q: What should the buyer do if the operator has gone through the items in the space? Is this a Police matter?

A: It would NOT be a criminal matter, but certainly a civil one. If the Operator posts pictures of items in a space, but then, after purchase, those items are not in there, there could be claims against the operator for breach of contract in the sale, but possibly also claims of deceptive trade practices, which carry heavy civil penalties under state law.

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  1. I bought a unit that was not supposed to be auctioned off I sold one item the storage place called me about there mistake I paid $460 for unit I told them I had everything else and I would return for $1000 since it would take me all day to load and unload they paid me the $1000 then said I was banned from auction from now on they are public storage a nationwide company

    • Jenie

      Hi Ken, are you interested or do you know anyone who buys stuff from storage. We have a storage in Davenport Iowa that we need to clean and close but don’t want to go through auction. We need someone to look at it and offer us a price. Please give me call 901-210-3509. Thanka!

  2. Ziggy

    when I see on the pictures that all the boxes have been opened and the unit looks like have been moved I don’t bid on it.

  3. Ricardo S.

    I have bought a storage unit that had been gone thru. When they broke the lock, the unit was not as pictured but was array. I should have reported it.

  4. Mike

    You can clearly tell the units have been picked through by looking at the dust voids on tables.

  5. Jason Wilson

    I bought a unit yesterday (10-31-17) at Briarcliff Good Friend Storage in NY. I won the auction for $141. I arrive 11-1-17 at 9:30am. They refuse to complete the transaction because the tenant owed $7000 or so. The tenant had not paid yet. They told me he was going to. The clerk, Matt, told me they didn’t want to sell it for $141 if they can get thousands from the owner. How can this be legal. It seems it works in their favor. Not to mention I rented a U-Haul with gas, $150 that I’m left paying for.

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