How to Find and Attend Storage Auctions

How to Find and Attend Storage Auctions

Finding and attending storage auctions can be very exciting and entertaining thing to do. Sometimes it can give you great benefits, but sometimes it can also mean gambling on uncertainty about what will you get. When you are bidding for storage units you never know what the owner has stored inside.

Maybe there are plenty of valuables and rare collectibles, but there is also a chance that there are some cheap stuff without significant value. Therefore, you should remember that storage auctions are thrilling and risky, but also often very rewarding. One thing is certain – storage auctions are never boring.

Today anyone can attend a storage auction. No matter which auction you attend you will certainly find numerous excited people that want to bid and get their hands on the items inside the storage unit. All kinds of people are attending the auctions – ranging from store owners and eBay sellers to treasure hunters, collectors and curious people. However, every bidder must be at least 18 years old, must fill out a registration form and has to have a personal identification.

Storage auctions are always publicly announced, so today you will have no trouble finding one. There are both online and in-person auctions running around the clock, so check those auctions that you find most attractive. The following are some easy ways through which you can find and attend plenty of storage auctions.

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You can start of by checking out the ads placed in local newspapers and magazines. Almost all newspapers have ad sections where companies advertise the auctions. Local newspapers will advertise some pretty good auctions where you will likely face smaller competition in comparison to ads published in major city newspapers.

Besides checking out local newspapers and magazines, another thing you can do is visit some auction websites like where you will find plenty of information about upcoming auctions. You can auction online and check out different storages with descriptions of items for sale.


Another Way Of Finding Storage Auctions Is Through Signing Up To Receive Auction Listings On Your Email

That way you will be constantly up to date with auctions nearby you or wherever they are held.

This is a good way to gain advantage in this competitive field, so sign up and be always informed about in-person and online auctions near you. Besides this, you can also make an own research and call some of the storage companies that operate in your local area. You can ask them about any auctions coming up and get the schedule of all auctions that will be held in near future.

Finally, networking with other storage item buyers is another great way through which you can get informed about when and where the next auction will be. Get in touch with experienced bidders and they will tell you where the best auctions are and what you can expect from them. You can first attend one to get the feel of it and then you can start bidding for yourself. Overall, finding and attending good storage auctions is not that hard today.

All you have to do is just do a little research, check out papers and websites for ads, and you will know where and when the auctions are held. A little research can take you long ways, so stay informed and soon enough you will be attending the best auctions available. These were some advices on how you can easily find and attend storage auctions. Consider them for your own benefit and start exploring the exciting world of in-person and online auctions.


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