Getting Started Reselling Toys from Storage Units

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If you have kids, chances are you’ve held on to a few things – okay, more than a few things – for posterity. Handmade items earn their place as family heirlooms, and useful items could save money down the line. Toy Story taught us that toys have feelings. Perhaps not, but they evoke feelings, and for some they’re hard to let go.

As they say, out of sight, out of mind. After a storage auction, you might find yourself the proud new owner of a family’s toy collection. You’re probably not as keen to store the keepsakes, so what should you do?

Safety Check

Check for product recalls. Baby and toddler toys are often subject to recalls, but any consumer product may have been found unsafe. Follow the instructions concerning the recalled product instead of reselling or donating it.

Assess the Condition

Toy resale requires products to be in the appropriate condition. Of course, mint, unopened collectibles sell for more than their played with counterparts. However, rare toys can be valuable even if they’ve been loved on a little. As with clothing, a little wear is forgivable on vintage or rare items. Newer items that are still selling on the retail market do much better if they’re like new. You’ll want to clean used toys before selling them, too.

Quality Control

To avoid negative customer experiences, make sure all pieces of toys, puzzles and games are included. If pieces are missing, consider selling pieces separately. Someone might be looking to complete a set.

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Make sure the toy works as intended, and if it doesn’t, be sure to make it clear in your listing. For example, if a toy has a broken pull-string, either repair it or inform customers of the malfunction.

Value Your Merch

Compare prices of similar items, though keep in mind some sellers might over- or undercharge. Consult an online buying guide, and if you think you may have stumbled across a gem, ask an appraiser.

Where to Sell

You can sell gently used toys to brick and mortar stores or online. You can set up your own online shop, which is more work, but it cuts out the consignment middleman and allows you to keep more of the selling price. Many sellers use eBay, Amazon, or Facebook groups.

Finally, consider how differently parents shop compared to their kids. You never know what might catch a little one’s eye at a yard sale or flea market. Focus on in-demand items when selling to adults, and let the other toys work their charms on the intended owners.

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