Don’t Judge Storage Auctions by Their Locations

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If you think the best storage auction facilities are nestled in Beverly Hills, where the rich and famous stash their spare diamond-encrusted toilet seats, you’d be forgiven. But you can’t judge a storage facility by its zip code. Here’s why:

People Shop Around

Yes, proximity to where you live is a good thing when selecting a storage unit facility, but it’s not everything. People will also compare prices, security, contract terms, and company reputation.

Neighborhoods Change

Sometimes they decline, and sometimes they improve. Facilities also change hands and with that can come a change in image, terms, and clientele. Some families will keep renting out the same unit for years through all these changes.

Income levels

Income levels aren’t limited to one geographic area, and vice versa. There are some areas of the country starkly segregated by income. Most places are more mixed than that, with vastly different income levels living within blocks or even streets of each other.

So, Where are the Best Storage Auctions?

Ask seasoned bidders and they’ll answer, “Wouldn’t you like to know?” The best kept secrets are, well, secrets. Crowds showing up at an auction mean good news for the auctioneer and facility staff; not so much for the bidders, who end up having to bid higher and shell out more cash for the same type of haul they could get somewhere else.

There’s also the little matter of how you define “best.” An experienced bidder tends to define it as how much they can get for the smallest bid. A novice might define it as how much weird, cool, rare stuff they can get for whatever they’re willing to bid. Different strokes.

Ultimately, it takes time to find your best locations. Familiarize yourself with storage facilities nearby. Check different types of listings. And take advantage of online auctions


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