Crafty Auction Winner? Try Upcycling

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Part of the fun and excitement of storage auctions is finding out what’s inside. Perhaps you find some priceless treasures in a box somewhere, or maybe the unit didn’t turn up as much as you might like. Either way, you’ll likely have material you simply are unable to sell. Should you just toss the items into the trash and move about your day? Why not consider bringing out your crafty side to see what you can do?

Tennis Rackets

Old tennis rackets may not have any resale value on your end. However, if you like fiber arts, you’ll quickly discover the grid made by the used racket is the perfect canvas for artistic designs. Even if you have never embroidered before, why not give it a try?

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Another option for tennis rackets: a funky earring holder.

Use That Used Vinyl

Record collecting is back in style, and there’s a chance you can score a healthy sale on in-demand albums and labels. However, for those records with less than impressive resale value, you could transform the vinyl into a working clock or decorative bowls.


You might not be able to bend a spoon with your mind, but you can use your imagination to bend silverware into upcycled art. Not ready to make your debut as a sculptor? How about something practical?


If you can’t sell or donate devices or their components, maybe you could make yourself a bust of Darth Vader. Yes, really!

Whatever odds and ends you discover, we love the ideas and tutorials on Upcycle That. They frequently update their page with new ideas from planters to candle holders, pendant lights to furniture, using a whole range of materials you may otherwise wonder what to do with. If you’re a novice upcycler or a pro, share your ideas with us!


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