Colorado Storage Auctions: A Look into the Future

Colorado Storage Auctions: A Look into the Future

Colorado Storage Auctions: A Look into the Future

Colorado has seen a surge in storage auctions in recent years, with many individuals turning to self storage units to store their belongings. As the demand for storage units continues to rise, so does the number of units that go delinquent and end up going to auctions. In the past year alone, StorageTreasures has hosted a staggering 19,316 storage auctions in Colorado. This trend is likely to continue. And the outlook for bidders looking to win big at Colorado storage auctions will remain very favorably. 

One of the factors contributing to the growth of Colorado storage auctions is the popularity of self storage units. With more people using these units, the likelihood of delinquent accounts and abandoned units increases. This presents an opportunity for buyers to bid on these units and potentially win big with valuable items that have been left behind. 

Most Expensive Unit Sold

Next, the most expensive unit sold in Colorado in the past year was a whopping $13,510. This highlights the potential for buyers to make a significant profit from these auctions. It’s not uncommon to find units containing valuable items such as antiques, jewelry, and high-end electronics. As long as there are delinquent accounts and abandoned units, there will be opportunities for buyers to capitalize on these auctions. Learn more about the most expensive units sold on our blog!

Top Selling Cities

Additionally, he top three cities with the most storage auctions are Denver, Colorado Springs, and Aurora. This is not surprising given the large populations of these cities and the high demand for storage units. So, as more people continue to move to these areas, the demand for storage units is likely to increase, leading to more storage auctions. 

The Future Looks Bright for Colorado Storage Auctions

Finally, the future looks bright, with the potential for growth in both the number of auctions and the profits that buyers can make. However, it’s important to note that there are risks involved in buying at storage auctions. Buyers should be prepared to do their due diligence. In addition, they should research the value of items, and factor in the costs of moving and storing items. It’s also essential to have a budget in mind and be mindful of bidding wars. Check out the available storage auctions on today!


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