How to Find and Attend Storage Auctions

How to Find and Attend Storage Auctions

Finding and attending storage auctions can be very exciting and entertaining thing to do. Sometimes it can give you great benefits, but sometimes it can also mean gambling on uncertainty about what will you get. When you are bidding for storage units you never know what the owner has stored inside.

Maybe there are plenty of valuables and rare collectibles, but there is also a chance that there are some cheap stuff without significant value. Therefore, you should remember that storage auctions are thrilling and risky, but also often very rewarding. One thing is certain – storage auctions are never boring.

Today anyone can attend a storage auction. No matter which auction you attend you will certainly find numerous excited people that want to bid and get their hands on the items inside the storage unit. All kinds of people are attending the auctions – ranging from store owners and eBay sellers to treasure hunters, collectors and curious people. However, every bidder must be at least 18 years old, must fill out a registration form and has to have a personal identification.

Storage auctions are always publicly announced, so today you will have no trouble finding one. There are both online and in-person auctions running around the clock, so check those auctions that you find most attractive. The following are some easy ways through which you can find and attend plenty of storage auctions.

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You can start of by checking out the ads placed in local newspapers and magazines. Almost all newspapers have ad sections where companies advertise the auctions. Local newspapers will advertise some pretty good auctions where you will likely face smaller competition in comparison to ads published in major city newspapers.

Besides checking out local newspapers and magazines, another thing you can do is visit some auction websites like where you will find plenty of information about upcoming auctions. You can auction online and check out different storages with descriptions of items for sale.


Another Way Of Finding Storage Auctions Is Through Signing Up To Receive Auction Listings On Your Email

That way you will be constantly up to date with auctions nearby you or wherever they are held.

This is a good way to gain advantage in this competitive field, so sign up and be always informed about in-person and online auctions near you. Besides this, you can also make an own research and call some of the storage companies that operate in your local area. You can ask them about any auctions coming up and get the schedule of all auctions that will be held in near future.

Finally, networking with other storage item buyers is another great way through which you can get informed about when and where the next auction will be. Get in touch with experienced bidders and they will tell you where the best auctions are and what you can expect from them. You can first attend one to get the feel of it and then you can start bidding for yourself. Overall, finding and attending good storage auctions is not that hard today.

All you have to do is just do a little research, check out papers and websites for ads, and you will know where and when the auctions are held. A little research can take you long ways, so stay informed and soon enough you will be attending the best auctions available. These were some advices on how you can easily find and attend storage auctions. Consider them for your own benefit and start exploring the exciting world of in-person and online auctions.

Is it Real Gold or Silver? How to Tell

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When it comes to jewelry, there are convincing fakes and there are unimpressive gems (literally). Some simple tests can save you a trip to the appraiser if it turns out the pieces are fake.

Jeweler’s Stamp

The first thing you want to do to determine whether jewelry is authentic is to check for markings. No, don’t throw it in a fire and wait for Elven script to appear, silly hobbit. Instead, look for karats on gold and the the letter S or number 925 on silver. Of course, a clever counterfeiter might stamp a fake ring, but costume jewelry won’t be stamped. Be aware, however, that rings purchased outside the U.S. also might not be stamped.

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The Magnet Test

Hold gold or silver up to a magnet, and it won’t stick. The problem with this test is that some other metals share this property, so it doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility of less valuable materials.

Signs of Wear

If the metal is a different color in spots where the jewelry is worn down, it’s likely gold- or silver-plated.

Chemical and Physical Tests

You can investigate deeper by subjecting the jewelry to physical and chemical tests. If you don’t want to risk damaging a potentially valuable find, it’s best to have an appraiser take a look.

Take it to an Appraiser

A professional appraiser will know how to identify metals and gems without damaging jewelry. They’ll be able to tell you the karats, whether it’s pure or coated, whether the gems are natural or lab-made, whether the style can be considered antique, and what all of that means for insurance valuation. This value indicates how much you can collect if your insurance covers the item against theft or damage. It does not necessarily indicate the resale value.

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Think Before You Brag

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The thing about bragging rights is that if you use them, you draw attention to yourself. If you score a big win at a storage auction, your inclination might be to shout it from the mountaintops, but here are some reasons you might want to curb your enthusiasm:

You Don’t Realize How Many Friends You Have Until…

Conventional wisdom says to be discreet if you come upon a windfall. You’ll need time to figure out what to do with the money. In fact, if you strike it really rich, you might even want to hire a financial adviser to help you with tax issues. An adviser will also walk you through your options, such as investments, so that your newfound wealth will last longer than it would if you went with your wildest spending dreams.

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What Kind of Person Stashes Cash in a Storage Unit? Oh, Right.

A buyer in San Jose found half a million dollars in cash. The auctioneer gave the sage advice to keep it on the DL. That amount of untraceable cash likely has shady origins in the black market. It’s wise to report such an influx of income to the IRS. As for reporting it to the police, you should contact an attorney first to find out about local laws about finding cash.


Have you ever seen a local news story about a convenience store that sold the winning lottery ticket? After that lucky event, business tends to flourish, at least until the excitement wears off. This is great for business owners, but in the context of storage auctions, it’s not so great. More bidders means higher prices as more people drive prices up. So, if you’re a seasoned buyer, you’ll be inclined to keep the bidding pool small.

Speaking of stampede, if you want to avoid possibly getting run over after hitting the jackpot, try online auctions from Storage Treasures.

Meet Vivian Maier, A Storage Treasure

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Meet Vivian Maier, A Storage Treasure

Wouldn’t it be great to find an undiscovered Van Gogh in a storage unit? Or to solve the mystery of the stolen Rembrandt paintings, now missing for 27 years?

These scenarios might be a tad far-fetched. However, for historian John Maloof, an interest in local history led him to accidentally, posthumously discover the photography of Vivian Maier. Her incredible images of city life, from dramatic scenes to daily routines, are beautifully composed and expertly captured. Many of the images tell stories, and even more leave the viewer wondering about what might have been going on. This quintessential 20th century street photography may have been lost in storage had it not been for a lucky find.

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Photographs Discovered At Auction

Maloof first encountered her work at an auction selling items from a repossessed storage locker. He needed old photographs of the area for his book about Chicago’s Northwest Side, and paid $400 for a box of negatives from the 1960s.

When he finally got around to looking at the contents of the box, he realized he’d uncovered treasure. He contacted one of Maier’s former employers to gain access to two storage lockers — the contents of which were destined for the garbage. Maier was a hoarder, and it was difficult to sort trash from treasure in her packed floor-to-ceiling storage units. Yet the first box Maloof discovered ignited a passion for her work, and he now owns 90% of her collection.

Treasure Hidden In Storage Lockers For Decades

A highly lauded documentary delves into the photographer’s biography, and a new book by Ann Marks delves even deeper, dispelling some of the myths that have already formed around her life story. For those of us at Storage Treasures, it’s a fascinating journey into art and art history that began with the auction of a mysterious box, abandoned by its charismatic, talented owner for reasons unknown.

How to Tell if Autographs are Authentic

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Baseballs, collectible cards, celebrity photographs, books, posters, art prints, band T-shirts: if you find an autographed one in a storage unit, your heart might just flutter. Is it treasure? There are ways to find out.

Keep in mind that just because an item isn’t signed doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable. Rare posters, first-edition books, original art, and limited run collectibles can potentially fetch a high price on the resale market, even if no one scribbled a jaunty John Hancock on it. If you do find a signed item, here’s how you decipher its authenticity:

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Tips for Successful Yard Sales

Tips for Successful Yard Sales

A garage sale is a great way to free up space and make money doing it. However, it isn’t something you can just throw together at the last minute if you want it to succeed. To make the most of your time, here are some tips for holding a yard sale.

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Crafty Auction Winner? Try Upcycling

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Part of the fun and excitement of storage auctions is finding out what’s inside. Perhaps you find some priceless treasures in a box somewhere, or maybe the unit didn’t turn up as much as you might like. Either way, you’ll likely have material you simply are unable to sell. Should you just toss the items into the trash and move about your day? Why not consider bringing out your crafty side to see what you can do?

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Antique or Old Junk? How to Identify Antiques

antiques sign e1509145416584

Shows such as Storage Wars and Antiques Roadshow have piqued viewers’ interest in finding treasures in what might seem to be junk to the untrained eye. Before cleaning out your attic or neighborhood garage sale, consider the following tips that can help you identify antiques from old junk.

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What to Look for in Storage Units

Storage Facility 3

When a storage unit goes unpaid for several months, the owner of the storage facility often puts units up for auction. The winner receives everything inside of it. However, it isn’t usually possible to spend a lot of time appraising the unit, and bidding high can be a gamble. If other bidders are driving the price up, here are some things to consider:

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