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Missouri always has great local storage auctions on StorageTreasures

Spotlight Location – Online Storage Auctions Missouri

Missouri always has great local storage auctions on StorageTreasures. With more than six million residents it is the 19th-most populous state of the country. People are renting storage units in record numbers. Businesses can also find renting self storage units to be an affordable alternative to warehousing. Big Urban Areas

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StorageTreasures Spotlight State Michigan Storage Auctions in Texas

Spotlight Location: Storage Auctions in Texas

Texas has a history of economic strength and stability and if it were its own country, it would have the 10th largest economy in the world by GDP. Oil and petroleum are major components of the economy with proven oil reserves in the state of approximately 4.6 billion barrels. Major

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StorageTreasures Spotlight State Michigan Storage Auctions in Michigan

Spotlight Location: Storage Auctions in Michigan

The state of Michigan has almost ten million residents and ranks tenth in overall population in the United States. Michigan has a growing economy with low unemployment and according to Bloomberg, is experiencing the best economic recovery in its history. The state is having a manufacturing boom with automobiles and

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StorageTreasures Spotlight City Las Vegas Storage Auctions in Las Vegas

Spotlight Location: Storage Auctions in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as the most popular tourist destination in the world and the city has visitor statistics that can back that up. More than 42 million people visit Las Vegas each year. Of course, most visit “The Entertainment Capitol of The World” for gambling, shows, pool parties, nightlife,

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COVID 19 scaled

StorageTreasures Communication to Bidders About COVID-19 Virus

Valued Bidder Community, As you’re undoubtedly aware, the growing Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has brought unprecedented changes to our personal and professional lives on a national level. Rapid changes in government mandates and recommended safety precautions have forced many businesses to pivot standard practices to maintain daily operations and protect the

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storage auctions featured

Is the Internet Killing Storage Auctions?

.       Add to the growing list of industries that the up-and-coming generation seems to be killing off: antiques and collectibles from storage auctions. The Collectibles Market Is Not What It Used to Be. The digital revolution has taken away the joy of the hunt. Or has it? The

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mark walberg flickr

One man’s forgotten stuff is another man’s treasure.

One man’s forgotten stuff is another man’s treasure. Especially when the man’s forgotten loot is Mark Wahlberg. A friend of “Storage Wars” star Rene Nezhoda apparently came across the treasure trove by chance. Nezhoda’s friend spent $3,000 on three storage locker units at a facility in San Fernando Valley a

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bugatti found in storage

10 Surprising Items Real People Found in Storage Units

Storage units offer the convenience of storing personal belongings that people don’t have an immediate use for thereby freeing up valuable space in the apartment. Whoever seeks to use the service are charged a monthly fee by the storage facility to secure, however failure to keep up payment or abandoning

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st zero bid auctions

Hundreds of $0 Bid Auctions Are Ending This Week! is the internet’s leading storage auction information portal with the world’s largest storage auction audience. With so many storage auctions starting and ending daily it is easy for some to slip through the cracks with little-to-no bids. This is the chance to find a storage unit that others might

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storage facility auction Acquires

StorageTreasures, LLC, the owner of, the storage industry’s leading online auction platform, announced it has acquired StorageStuff.Bid, a well-respected competing online storage auction site. As part of the transaction Cheli and Chris Rosa, both seasoned auctioneers and employees of StorageStuff.Bid, will join OpenTech Alliance, Inc., managers of and majority

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