A Spirit Animal

A Spirit Animal

An Auction Bidder’s Guide to Finding Your Spirit Animal

The Auction Bidder’s Spirit Animal Guide is designed to help you discover your truest bidding nature, and let you see the animal who lives inside you. Are you ready to meet your Spirit Animal?
Scroll down and let’s get started.


The Eye of the Vulture – An auction Vulture is intelligent, and has a keen eye for spotting good deals. Vultures have learned how to grid view auctions in order to view quickly, many more auctions on one page. Their focus is searching out auction prices from $0 to $10.

Leave it to BeaverThis spirit animal wins one dam Beaver auction after another. They are the busiest of all bidders. They Hunt out auctions, Buy aggressively, have numerous resources to Sell, and these eager beavers make great Profit. (A few resources might be eBay, Craigslist, Offer-Up, garage sales, etc…).

Oh, look a Squirrel!A Squirrel spirit is nuts about auctions. They are the true treasure hunter. The squirrel bids on storage units that are chalk full of hidden treasures. A squirrel bidder observes the storage unit size, and the description “Must-Contain” lots of boxes and totes. Any dirt or dust in a unit will entice the squirrel to bid even more.

Cunning as a FoxFox bidders are snipers and very clever. All StorageTreasures auctions have a soft close feature. This allows bidding to go for as long as there are bids. A Fox is out of luck because they can’t snipe our auctions.

Maltese FalconThe Falcon is the perfect hunter. He sees an item and swoops in for the win. This bidder already has the items sold before he has won the auction.

Soar like an Eagle – The Eagle spirit is our high roller. They soar above the rest in vision and funds.  Their bidding power comes from their ability to spot an auction they want from across state lines and go for it.

Memory of an ElephantIf the Elephant is your spirit animal then you are able to remember, through past experiences, how large of a truck is needed to clean out a unit. And most importantly an elephant never forgets the clean out time!

Reserved TurtleTurtle time is max bidding time! A Turtle spirit animal bidder lets the system bid for him. He enters his max bid, under the bid management tab, and slowly goes about his day. He checks occasionally and ups the max bid when needed.

Bid Slow SlothThis spirit animal can be a new bidder, new to the online auction world, or a bidder who buys a few units now and then. He is very cautious and slow to make mistakes. The sloth is making sure we are The Industry’s Most Trusted Storage Auction Site. Hang in there sloth, we are!


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In conclusion: A StorageTreasures Tip

If your spirit animal is a Vulture, Beaver, Squirrel, Falcon, Eagle, Elephant or Turtle than a Pro Membership is a “Must-Have.”  For only $10/month or $100/year, enjoy 10% buyer’s premium and a dedicated VIP customer support phone number. Call Customer Support at 480-397-6503 for more information.

If your spirit animal is a Fox or Sloth then our free basic membership is perfect for you. The buyer’s premium is 15%, and once you get your feet wet move on up to the bigger animals.

Happy Hunting!


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