5 Reasons To Switch To Online Storage Auctions

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Online storage auctions have emerged as a useful technology in our increasingly connected world. Whereas auctions used to be cramped and time-consuming, now you can virtually attend from anywhere on a much more flexible schedule. Here are five reasons to make the switch to online storage options:

1. Your Schedule

You have a lot to do with your day other than standing around in a self-storage facility with a bunch of sweaty buyers. You can probably think of more fun activities than craning your head around people, trying not to say anything about the value of a particular unit you have your eye on. Online auctions save you time. Most people don’t consider the drive to the facility, the drive home, and inevitably waiting around while the facility finishes up their paperwork in the back. These are all time sinks that are unavoidable at physical auctions, and time is money. If you value your time, doing storage auctions online makes a lot of sense.

2. More Options at a Glance

When you go to a self-storage facility, you will inevitably run into a limited number of auctions, each with a small number of items. You may not win any of them, but you still invest the time. With an online auction, once you have taken a good look and placed your best bid you can go check out other auctions. With a few clicks, you can look at storage units all over your area that would take hours to drive between. A few minutes on a website can open up far more options. It’s the next best thing to figuring out how to be in several places at once.

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3. Greater Potential for Unit Review

When you walk into a live auction area, you have a small window of time to look at the unit before the bidding begins. This can mean obstructed views, having to tune out people chattering, and all kinds of other distractions. However, online auctions provide images and sometimes videos of the unit. You can slow down the video and replay it several times, getting a detailed view of the unit from angles you may not be able to get if you were there in person. You may discover something of value you hadn’t considered before.

4. Simplified Selling Analysis

Ultimately, most people who buy the contents of storage units intend to sell those contents. If you are interested in doing this, being online in a comfortable setting allows you to easily research and compare resale prices. This analysis will help you determine your optimal bid amounts.

5. Psychology

Auction psychology is crazy. People at a physical auction will bid far more than they should for a variety of reasons. By participating in online auctions, you avoid this atmosphere, so it’s easier to bid based on logic instead of getting caught up in a winning-obsessed emotional frenzy.

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