Planning Ahead Makes a Difference

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a storage locker that you won on Storage Treasures… now what?

Planning ahead of time makes all the difference. Take a moment to decide how you are going to empty it; whether it will require multiple trips and how much junk will need to go to the dumpster. Now, everyone has their own ideas about strategy, but my suggestion is not to go through boxes and bins at the facility. Load the obvious trash first or last, prepare a processing area at home, garage, yard and/or your storage.

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Allow yourself time to sort items by type, have more than enough see through bins or trash bags, take an overall inventory, listing items by the method you will use to liquidate them; may it be eBay, Facebook, antique fairs, yard sales or swap meets. In terms of the landfill, get familiar with all your local options. Don’t forget about donating to charity! You can donate useful but not necessarily profitable things like clothes, dishes, etc. A good deed is good karma! In summary, organization will save so much money and time.


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For 25 years, Jeff was in the advertising and marketing business with the phone company selling ads in the Yellow Pages, developing internet yellow page ads and search using Google, Bing and Yahoo. Jeff started a side business over 10 years ago buying estate & yard sale leftovers and reselling online, at flea markets and antique shows. He has been using StorageTreasures for the last year, finding the ability to bid on multiple lockers in multiple areas to be a major benefit.

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