Musing from an Auction Buyer

I often wonder what it is about storage locker auctions that motivated me to change my career focus from media sales to being a small business entrepreneur, buying and selling on the internet, flea market and occasional yard sale.

First and foremost, I really enjoy being my own boss. The chance to compete with other bidders is a challenge, to be victorious a thrill. Every locker is a gamble, it is either another trip to the landfill or money in the pocket.

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The labor aspect of the business is even something I find worthwhile as I have the choice of when and where I work and how hard.

Overall, the return on investment adds up in amounts that are significant. I recommend this website and this endeavor for those willing to work hard to reap the benefits.

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For 25 years, Jeff was in the advertising and marketing business with the phone company selling ads in the Yellow Pages, developing internet yellow page ads and search using Google, Bing and Yahoo. Jeff started a side business over 10 years ago buying estate & yard sale leftovers and reselling online, at flea markets and antique shows. He has been using StorageTreasures for the last year, finding the ability to bid on multiple lockers in multiple areas to be a major benefit.

3 thoughts on “Musing from an Auction Buyer

  1. i know its an auction but I wish sometimes people would back off if you put an substantial amount of money-bid on it. I know it is also a competition but I think courtesy should also be a factor not a fight

    1. Lynne, they might be thinking the same about you! All is fair when it comes to auction, good or bad.

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